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fotodump Christmas ’14

 before we get TOO far into the new year (i’m working on slaying the procrastination dragon over here for 2015) here’s a re-cappy-cap of the Egwuatu’s Christmas 2014.

IMG_20141225_191355 our very first married Christmas when our only child was Fattie the Min Pin. #ThrowbackThursday


after my early morning workout, i spent Christmas Eve cooking cornbread dressing to take to my Granny’s house & baking sweets galore with Chiso.


we used one of my favorite brands to bake with, Immaculate Baking Co.!  their sugar cookie mix is gluten-free, contains no bleached flour, no artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives,  no high fructose corn syrup, and it’s trans fat-free,  I get their products from Sprouts Farmers Market.


 my mom says i wanted to do EVERYTHING myself and Chiso is the same way.  i’m impressed by his independence and do my best to let him take the reins. i’m such a kitchen hog!


we were both pooped by the end of the night, no kidding.  that was alotta dang work, whew. 😉



brownie cupcakes.


Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!! Christmas morning.


Santa pancakes.


my little miracle elves.


Chiso wanted a spaceship and boy did Sonny find one: a Star Wars X-wing ship almost as big as him.


fit gifts are ALWAYS at the top of my list! can’t get enough.


i got hubs a few things to match his Infrared J’s.


The Egwuatu Boys.


hi-yaaaaah! we got a ninja from our good friend Diamond.


Uncle Bri Bri and Dego at my MIL’s house.


my MIL with the ‘freshest’ additions to our family lol.  my sis-in-law had another baby girl in November! #cousins


and the highlight of my holiday was my older brother and his beard coming home from working in Afghanistan for more than 8 months straight on Christmas Day. Sonny tried his best to keep it a secret but i KNEW my brother would be home! he surprised my parents by popping up at their house first and hid there until i walked right into his trap. best surprise ever.

he finally got to meet and hold Dego.  i’m grateful for Skype, but it can only do so much.

thanks for reading! now i can get on with my year, haha!!!

Q: share a highlight of your holiday season below.


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  1. Totally Enjoyed, thanks for sharing! Why am I crying at the pic of you and your brother? I don’t know either of you! Lol! Seriously, I do know the love and bond of family as well as family friends, so I rejoice with you. Additionally, I feel as I know you as well! Thanks for your ‘on time’ blog, witness, education, encouragement, and reminder to take care of our temples. May God continue to bless you, your family and ministry.

    My gift to myself this year is to ‘Do IT!’ I have ‘talked’ about losing 20 lbs for 20 years! I realized a few years ago that it wasn’t my workouts, it was my diet. My gift to myself is to run a half marathon in March. I have walked several half marathons, but never run one. I will be signing up for your online recipes this week and planning my weekly meals to help me achieve my goal for life.


    • I also got teary eyed and emotional when I read and saw the pic of you and your brother. I love pictures and seeing your family. Thanks for sharing. You guys are the cutest family. I’ve been following your blog for about 2 years. I love all the information you share. Thanks for all that you do. Can’t wait to keep seeing everyone.


    • LOL, Rita!!! thank you for rejoicing with me girl. he left today *major sad face* but will be back again very soon. your message has encouraged me more than you’ll ever know. i am pulling for you girl- you CAN run that half marathon!! DO IT! please keep me posted, ok? Happy New Year, Rita!


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