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playing hostess: Trader Joe’s + Torchy’s Tacos + Tasti D Lite


HAY MONDAY!!! so if ya haven’t seen them yet, my ‘lifting for TWO!’ prenatal fitness tanks are NOW available in the FFL Store! section up there.  Thank you so much for sharing this news! I’m excited for the future and I am forever grateful for your support <3. more color options and cute, funny #fitpregnancy phrases are on the way!

 what a weekend i had with my fam. here’s a recappy cap:


my mom and aunt came over for the weekend to help me get my life together.  they come over several times a year just to stay a few days and help us out around the house and with the boys.  nothing lasts forever… so i cherish every second with them before they have to go back home to their own hubbies!  i whipped out my ebook and made my Sweet Potato & Spinach Lasagna for them.


115 cals per serving. you read that right! for more low-calorie, cleaner, leaner recipes, check out my e-book, Fit Foodie Lean.


did i mention i love when they come visit!? they matched most of my tupperware bottoms with its lid and threw everything else away. lol. maybe i’ll do the same with our socks.

Friday night, we cleaned up a lil’ and watched Thomas the Train Engine and Curious George 2 with the boys and relaxed. The Sprout Channel has done family movie night for the past few weeks and we love to get some popcorn and watch whatever they are showing!

the next morning i headed to teach my Preggo Patties and do my own saturday workout at a new gym.  i’ve been searching for the perfect gym to teach more classes and also do my one on one training at and boy did i find one!  i worked out there myself (i hope you caught the Periscope broadcast i did on the stairmaster!) and i am IN LOVE!  deets about that coming up in a very near post though.  i could not wait to get home cause i planned on taking everyone to lunch that afternoon.


my hubby gets all the credit for suggesting Torchy’s Tacos! my mom and i both got the Mr. Orange.


‘mommy what is that green thing?  can you just move it? i don’t want that on my plate.’

you gone learn to love avocado, boy!!!!


when i tell you there was not a TRACE of guac in that bowl by the time we finished…….. believe me.

20150718_151752-01 sammaaaaaaaaan ❤20150718_151914-02my aunt got the Crossroads which was filed with smoked brisket. she really enjoyed it.


soooo, i drove up on this by accident.  i read somewhere that the Cinco Ranch Trader Joe’s would not be open til summer 2015. hmph!  the cashier told me they have been open since February. wat!?  well, i know now.

PhotoGrid_1437410147928 (1)

everywhere i turned i saw cookie butter this and cookie butter that! i saw ice cream too but didn’t get to snag a pic. i totally understand the addiction and demand, haha.


one of the things i love about TJ’s (and the same can be said for Sprouts Farmers Market) is that it’s not crazy big and not cramped on the inside either. it’s JUST the right size. oh and their live sample station.


mandarin orange chicken, Japanese style fried rice, and honey sesame cashews. i can’t ever stick to my grocery list up in here!

oh and because someone asked, Dego’s grocery cart seat is from Target! it’s also due for a wash.


 it’s by Eddie Bauer and i use it on the high chairs at restaurants too.


checking out!

IMG_20150718_185209but not before a pic in front of the cookie butta! that ain’t what you want, Dego! #letitgoooooooo

20150718_165531-01 next, i took them to get dessert at Tasti D Lite, my saving dessert grace! just you wait! a blog post dedicated to this stuff is on its way. the nutritional stats are BANANAS!


we stopped by Randall’s cause they were having a protein sale. we got some fresh sockeye salmon, jumbo shrimp, and chicken breast (they were out of the breasts tho and we totally forget to get our rain checks at the front register).  here are my TJ’s impulse items though!

  • TJ’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • TJ’s South African Smoke Seasoning Blend (recommended by Vevian)
  • TJ’s Roasted Plantain Chips —-> guilty pleasure!


once home, my aunt went straight to bed lol (Torchy’s Itis), and we headed to the park before dinner.

what a blessing to witness moments like this.


Dego’s very first time swinging! he is crazy fearless. he wasn’t feeling it though.


once back home, i seasoned 2 sockeye salmon fillets with the South African Smoke blend and baked it on 450 for 12-14 minutes. so flaky and so tasty.


on the side? veggies galore! mushrooms, sugar snap peas, red, golden, orange peppers, and purple onion all sautéed together in my hot wok with a pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper.


  they left the next morning but will be back again before the summer is over for sure.

i do hope you started your week of with some healthy choices! don’t forget to grab your fit preggo tank and add me on Periscope for more ‘behind the scenes’ action.  i LOVE this app. and so does my 4 yr old apparently!

so, WHAT is your fave cookie butter treat?!

i have got to try that ice cream…..


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  1. Gosh, that sockeye salmon and veggies look so tasty!!

    I’ve never had cookie butter but I keep hearing about it. It’s probably best that I stay away from it. Lol!


  2. Had a wonderful time Baby girrrlll:) All the food was good and healthy and enjoyed my grandkids especially. Antie and I cherish these moments and times spent with you and your family!!!


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