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i am 😯 OBSESSED 😯 with grocery shopping!!!!


HEB, Central Market, Sprout’s Farmers Market, & Whole Foods, have my heart and my paycheck.  i go in and come back out and several hours have passed.  it’s……. an experience.  a solo experience as i understand why Sonny never wants to come with me. if you want to eat better, you have to know how to shop.  scroll through some of the items i buy when cooking at home and creating clean, healthy meals for my family and i!

fflstartergrocerylisthere’s a starter grocery list for your convenience.  this post will show you where you can get a particular item.

my grocery store staples:

Silk unsweetnend vanilla almond milk

i use this in place of regular milk in my cereal, smoothies, and cooking.  it’s lactose & dairy free and only 30 cals per 1 cup.  anything less than 2% milk tastes like water, and whole milk is pretty fatty.  1 cup of 2% milk is 130 calories, but who drinks just 1 cup of milk with their cereal!?  when you use the almond milk, you can eat a nice big bowl and still cut calories.

Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk 

i bought this brand for the longest time (and still have a few in my pantry) but i switched to Silk because it’s creamier and less calories for the unsweetened vanilla variety.  both rock, though!

green tea

 great for keeping your metabolism high while providing plenty of healthy antioxidants   it gives you a boost of caffeine without staining your teeth as bad as coffee can.

fresh salmon

 i keep my eye on the price per lb. and go HAM when it drops and goes on sale.  when it’s not on sale though, i go for the canned stuff.

rice and corn cakes

for snacking and topping with PB2 when you get those crazy sugar cravings.

what’s PB2?


powdered peanut butter.  the oil and fat has been removed.  prolly the best product ever invented.  it comes in original and chocolate flavor, which is what you see above. this stuff is so good i eat it in powder form and don’t even add water or almond milk sometimes 😯


ground turkey: 93/7 or 99% lean

beef or turkey!?!?!  that question gets asked a lot. truth is, you MUST read the label and compare.  i personally like the taste of ground turkey in my spaghetti and chili dishes, however, when i make burgers, i use beef.  when you compare both varieties, most of the time turkey comes out on top.       


egg whites

1/4 a cup of this stuff is only 25 cals and 5g protein. i use anywhere from 1/2 – 3/4th cup for 1 serving though. makes for one big fluffy omelette for you to fill with your fav things.  the brand is up to you- most of the nutritional stats of egg whites are pretty much the same.

dry ranch dressing mix

growing up, my mom used to add this stuff to sour cream and pretty much make a tasty veggie dip.  i discovered about a year or two ago that it tastes absolutely fantastic on seafood(especially salmon), chicken (oven baked or stewed in the crock pot), ground turkey (burgers and tacos), and even breakfast potatoes.  i always keep a packet of this handy.

almond and rice cheese

dairy has NOT been kind to my post bikini competition tummy at all.  i honestly can’t tell if it’s cause i cut it out completely for 3 months straight and my body is just adjusting to it again, or if i have always reacted this  way.  who knows…but i don’t like the puffy, fluffy, bloated, loose feeling i get (especially in my mid section) after consuming it.  i’d rather just  eat it in moderation, and low doses of it at that.  i looooooove cheese and discovered these gems at Whole Foods. they shred, melt, and TASTE like regular ol’ dairy cheese.

dairy cheese

i was already a cheese lover before finding these two treasures via Hungry Girl.  they are ‘light’ and still provide plenty of cheesy flavor.  i sometimes eat the babybels solo as a snack before the gym, break them up and drop them in my soups and omelets, and even stuff them inside meatballs!! the laughing cow is a spreadable cheese that makes for a super creamy low cal creamed spinach.  i also melt them into my spaghetti sauces for a creamier consistency.  or, you can spread it on some wheat thins for a snack. only 35 cals a wedge!  the babybel is around 50-70 cals.

FRESH fruits and veggies

i buy whatever is on sale and it varies from week to week.  frozen next, then canned. canned fruits and veggies either have added sugars, or added salt. fresh first.

frozen veggies

peas, corn, spinach, edamame, cauliflower, beans, etc. good for stir-fries.

greek yogurt (0% and 2%)

not all greek yogurt is created equal!  each brand i find brings a different flavor and texture, even if it’s plain.  Fage is smooth and creamy and i like the consistency. i don’t usually buy the flavored varieties because they contain too much sugar.  i stick with plain and add my own toppings: almonds, granola, flax seed, or fresh fruit.

plain fat-free yogurt

not a fan of greek yogurt? get the fat-free plain kind and add your own toppings.  also great for smoothies.

wheat bread

 great bread. tons of fiber but it doesn’t taste like cardboard AT ALL. as soft and doughy as white bread- you won’t miss it.  i use this for all my sandwiches… turkey, grilled cheese, pb & j, even french toast. it’s whole grain, no sugar or artificial anything, and only 50 calories per slice.

Ezekiel sprouted whole grain bread

all natural, lots of protein, no trans fat, whole grain, organic…i love their entire line of products!  this is the cinnamon raisin bread and it’s perfect for french toast, savory sandwiches, or plain all by itself.

whole grain brown rice

 great for one of my favorite dishes- ‘fried’ rice! or as a side to any of your meals.

coconut oil

the flavor of coconut oil is amazing.  i use it to ‘pan fry’ my plantains, fish, pancakes, popcorn- a lot of stuff! i recently learned you can also put it in your hair.  very versatile, healthy, flavorful oil.

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  1. You inspiring, you are amazing and I love your zest for life. I am trying to make a “transformation” happen in my life. I am 45, overweight, and need to get my Diabetes under control. So I have been reading your web page and I just want you to know you inspire me. Thank you.


    • Angel- your comment blessed me in a MAJOR way!! thank you for sharing those sincere words with me and for reading my blog! sincerely. i am so proud of you for making the decision to work towards creating a healthier you cause it is NEVER, EVER too late to do just that. YOU inspire and encourage ME to keep going!! i wish you all the best!


  2. Cool blog girl! Stay awesome ❤
    Honestly didn't know I could subscribe to this awesomeness until your IG popcorn post. I have your blog as an "app" on my iPhone because I use it so much xP


  3. On the coconut oil… you can use it on your skin, hair, internally, and externally a lot of different ways. I have a pin that lays out some of those ways… love this. Now, to find these cheeses…


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