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Day 1….DONE #FFLCleanEatingChallenge

my grandma had 12 kiddos (6 boys, 6 girls) and there was even a set of twins up in there!  they turned 50 this past weekend and we celebrated with an old-fashioned house partaaaaaay!

20150725_163309-01 (1)

my contribution?  some unpictured vegan chicken taquitos (i bought them from Whole Foods Market) and some homemade guacamole.

20150725_170235-01 (1)

my uncle and his fam are vegan so we wanted to make sure there was food there they could enjoy.


vegan cupcakes from sprinkles made an appearance too! do they even look 50 years old!? happy birthday to the twins, Uncle Anthony and Aunt Annette 🙂

20150726_082012-02 (1)

we partied til midnight but had to go pick up the boys afterwards and got home at 1-ish. needless to say, i was NOT ready to get up and drive across town for instructor training the next day.  but first….. COFFEE.

IMG_20150727_221246it was worth it though cause i got to see my girl and master Lifetime Fitness trainer Abrea again! i’ve been seeing her at least once a year for various trainings for the past couple years and i never get tired of listening to this woman (she’s the one with the cool hair on the left).  i also saw my instructor friend and rock star Olga (yellow tank) and NEW instructor Maria(top)!! Maria has taken my early LT classes for a good while. i’m excited she’ll be able to sub for me if i never need one lol. congrats to her on teaching her first class recently!  

20150726_092737-01 (1)

Abrea taught a fan-flippin-tastic Barbell Strength class and we all loved every sweaty second of it.  i love working out with other instructors cause the energy in the room is INSANE!! so fun, so educational, and so needed to keep my own BBS class exciting and refresh my love for being an instructor period. see ya next year, Abrea! 
20150726_131631-01 20150726_120432-01 20150726_105023-01

this is what i snacked on throughout the day: fresh fruit, veggies, hummus with a few pita chips, BBQ chicken breast chunks, oatmeal, eggs, and water.  i slept as long as i could so i didn’t have time to make my breakfast at home.  thank you, LifeCafe!


after i got home, meal prep time!!!!! have you checked out the hashtag on IG?! —>#FFLCleanEatingChallenge<—  i jumped online and saw everyone else prepping too and got SO inspired all over again!!! yall are DOIN’ IT!!! i gave 3 options for protein and made two of’em: Apple Turkey Burgers and the Sticky Spicy Chicken.


then i put my meals together for the next 3 days.  preparation is EVERYTHING.


meanwhile… i missed these guys.  and i missed church that day too!  luckily our church adds their sermons online so i still caught it. IMG_20150727_112841the next morning i was tired as crap, yall. not even gonna sugar coat it.  sunday is usually my rest day so i was beat after that long day of training.  i wanted to hop on Periscope super early and motivate yall for this challenge somethin’ serious but my body couldn’t and wouldn’t get out the bed! so i slept in way later than normal and did not feel bad about it. i made breakfast immediately once up though and got going!  Chiso wanted in on the challenge too lol so he had what i was having.

ok, i know it’s only been ONE day but i am CRAAAAZY proud of yall!!!! seriously!!!! it’s one thing to talk about changing… but when you put forth the effort to actually MAKE IT HAPPEN you are well on your way! i told yall i’d be watching via social media and i am ON IT. way to go yall! KEEP IT UP!


meal prep sunday went DOWN.


and now monday has been officially ROCKED!!! if you have not followed me on Periscope yet, what is up with that!? i thought of an idea on the elliptical today i’m gonna introduce very soon and it includes exercise via Periscope. i’ll discuss super soon, so hurry up and join!  man, these pictures make me smile incredibly big. yall have no idea!  if you take and post at least one pic per day concerning this #fflcleaneatingchallenge i have a lil’ somethin’ for ya… so STICK WITH IT!

what was the toughest part of day 1 for you?  (if you’re taking the challenge)

when are you most tempted to eat junk? (open for everybody)


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  1. I forgot to sign up! But I did make that veggie stir fry from one of your recent blog posts and it was awesome. The one with the tri-color bell peppers, mushrooms, red onion. The fam loved it too. What kind of coffee do you drink?


    • WOO HOO! soooo happy you guys enjoyed it! girl i drink regular old folgers, but i get the 1/2 caff since i’m still nursing. once i’m done nursing i want to try those fun flavors i see at Target all the time like Chocolate Donut and Red Velvet Cake! i wonder if they live up to all the hype..


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