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FREE 6 Day Clean Eating Challenge!!! want in? we start MONDAY!

FitFoodie_Body_REVhow clean are you eating? so many different definitions out there, right? well, we define clean eating as eating a diet rich in whole foods and low to non-processed foods which do not contain artificial ingredients, additives, or preservatives. basically choosing foods that are closest to their natural state!  so rather than eating a blueberry muffin, you’d eat a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries instead. capeesh?

i’m not gonna ask you if you’re ready cause I KNOW YOU ARE! i’m le, AKA, fitfoodiele, owner of this here blog. if you didn’t know already, my family owns a health and fitness company, 6 Pack USA, and we love to show others how to lose 1-4 lbs of body fat per week using real, wholesome, food (exercise is of course the other piece to the puzzle but we are focusing on getting that nutrition down first which is why you’re here, right? riiiiiight.) . THANK YOU for joining our FREE 6 DAY CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE! we didn’t want to make this thing crazy long and discouraging, but just long enough for you to see and feel the effects a clean diet has on your body, mood, energy– pretty much your entire life. clean eating and meal prepping are NOT as hard as you think. we are all in this together  and i expect your very best effort.

other benefits of clean eating:

  • fat loss
  • decrease in tummy bloating
  • increased mental focus
  • reduced risk of diseases
  • improve fertility
  • improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails
  • increased fiber– important for weight control
  • increased energy
  • consume a wider variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients
  • improved digestion


who wouldn’t want all that? we are not against protein shakes and pre-workout supplements, but we stand behind our beliefs that you can reach your fitness goals without depending on those items.  when you eat whole foods, your body doesn’t need to process the preservatives, additives, or other potentially harmful chemicals present in so many packaged products. so just keep it CLEAN, knowwhatimean!  i want you to buckle down and dedicate 6 whole days to a better you. if you’ve never done meal prep before, here’s your chance.  i will so be checking on you via social media.  mhmmm, i’ll be aaaaall up in your good bidness holding you accountable!  friends don’t let friends eat junk!!!! post your meals to twitter, IG, and even facebook using the hashtag: #FFLCleanEatingChallenge.

if you’d like specialized/customized meal & workout plans (for serious fat loss inquiries only) please visit our website or contact us directly:

have you recieved your 6 DAY CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE email yet!?

1 Saturday SHOP

2 Sunday PREP 

3 Monday START

if you want in on this, email me NOW!

Challenge starts THIS Monday, July 27th!


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