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in Jesus name i play: Active Faith Sports fotoshoot + #FFLCleanEatingChallenge Update

happy thurrrrs, yall!

i was honored to do a little fitness modeling for Active Faith Sports last night!  it’s been a while since i’ve done a fitness photo shoot but it was fun and to my surprise, quick. i was cool with that so i could get back home to my crazy house! Lanny Smith, a family friend, UH Alum (#GoCoogs!) and former 6 Pack USA client of ours, is the CEO of this popular company making major moves in the sports world.  big name athletes like Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Ray Lewis have been spotted sporting the AFS bands.20150729_183817-01    crazy talented photographer Greg Noire worked his magic on us. check this dude’s work out on IG!  it was both a pleasure and an honor to do the shoot and to meet some of the Active Faith Sports team, like the gorgeous Mrs. Kirbi on the left.

20150729_184917-02such a sweetheart! everyone was so kind and we got right down to business soon as i walked in. i appreciate that so much. so let’s get to the apparel, shall we?

first off, that tagline is everything. #catchy


i was impressed with the quality of the material.  it was strong and stretchy, yet light and airy. this was shirt #1!  ‘i am’ on the front,


‘Fearfully & Wonderfully Made’ on the back. Lanny asked me ahead of time if i have a fave color and i immediately responded with teal and coral, so that’s exactly what i wore!

back right corner of the shirt.


Tee #2! #thosecolors ❤


let me tell you- i was not sure what to expect as far as what bottoms i’d be modeling.  i don’t care for shorts but i definitely rock with crops! those are my fave.  these fit perfectly comfortable in the crotch area (which is a big deal) and they conform to your body and stay put as you move.

these particular crops have the AFS logo on the upper left hip.  Dego crashed my photo session just as i was finishing up. yall see his baby fro!? his hair is finally growing back evenly, haaaaaaaay!  i’ve been waiting for this moment, haha.

#FFLCleanEatingChallenge update!! yall have come SO far and i am SO DANG PROUD. i have the biggest grin on my face scrolling through that IG hashtag! i made a batch of Teriyaki Sweet Potatoes (see below) for us Tuesday night.  how did yall like them!? if you want that recipe you’ll have to wait til my 2nd e-book comes out! 🙂

peeps are inquiring about the next challenge already so i am SUPER excited you loved this one so much.  got a ton of great feedback that i will be sharing.


wednesday morning i made this whole wheat Mickey Mouse peanut butter, banana, blueberry toast for Chiso. wednesday was also meal prep day #2 for the clean eating challenge so i hopped on that soon as i got home from my photo shoot.

i decided on the apple-turkey burgers again cause they rock and they are easy!  yeah, they are really my chicken-apple burgers but i subbed ground turkey instead.  i know somebody caught that. 😉


theeen, i made the Tropical Tilapia next.  i accidentally got unsweetened coconut ‘threads’ from Sprouts Farmers Market.  shredded unsweetened coconut sticks to the fish so much better, fyi.

20150729_213821-01-1finished product! yummers!


then i portioned out my meals for thurs, fri, and saturday.  saturday is the last day of the challenge and will be the toughest day by far, IMO.  i mean, it’s the weekend, duh! that’s usually when people relax and enjoy a few indulgent treats.  that’s totally fine, just exercise moderation —> on sunday <— and don’t completely derail your progress from this past week.  if you’d like to keep this going (because this is a lifestyle, right? right.) then on monday, saddle back up and do it again! #keepitgoing

if you’d like to switch up the recipes though, check out the Fit Recipes section for ideas.

20150729_211556-01couldn’t hang.

PhotoGrid_1438399938931BOOM! that was fast, right!? again, i was honored to represent such a respected, faith-based company! connect with and check out Active Faith Sports on FacebookIG, and Twitter!

i have a GREAT idea for a Periscope broadcast i’m flippin’ out over and i hope you will too: ‘On The Floor w/ Fitfoodiele.‘ we’ll either be doing a 10 minute ab or glute routine on your floor at home maybe 3 or more times a week.  yay? nay?

Q: would you attend and participate with me? 


p.s.did you catch my ‘how i stay on track with my meals’ Periscope broadcast!? i did it in the car right after my shoot wednesday.  i’m going to make a blog post out of it in case ya missed it! ok byeeeee!


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