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shiny hamburgers + a hump day glute exercise

i’m pulling for the NY Resolutioners!! keep going. just keep going! fight through that soreness; it’s only temporary.
The hardest thing about exercise is to start doing it. Once you are doing exercise regularly, the hardest thing is to stop!  Come visit Lakes Area Jazzercise in Walled Lake, MI and dance your way to a better body!  Feel free to call (248) 722-4095 or visit our website to find out more information!i was reminded of an awesome glute move via Instagram from @fitgirlfuel’s page recently: barbel glute squeezes! so i did them this morning during my leg session and couldn’t wait to share. **important tip: make sure your shoulder blades are completely on the bench before executing the exercise to avoid any neck/spinal injuries.** i could have scooted up a little more.


OR, you can get on the floor and use an EZ bar instead to modify (see below).


Dego’s little gummy smile is the cutest thing in the entire world…until he clamps them down on my nipple. omg. today…. today marks the day. he bit me. and just like with Chiso, i screamed immediately and frightened him so we were both hollering!


uncle Thew’s departure date back to Afghanistan is quickly approaching, so the boys and i met him for lunch today to hang out.  i’m so happy Thew finally got to meet his 2nd nephew for the first time this past Christmas Day.  Dego loves his beard. a lot.

we hit up Ruggles Green cause it’s kid friendly and well, one of my fave places to eat in City Centre.


Thew got a buffalo burger with a side of the #1 sweet potato fries in Houston,


and i devoured my usual Atlantic Salmon salad.  it was lightly dressed, so i wasn’t trippin’ about forgetting to ask to put the dressing on the side this time.


smile boys! or whatever!  i have been getting email after email concerning the happenings with my post-braids hair and well, yall see i have this beanie on 😦  . i don’t know what i’m doing again as usual.  however, my friend-girl Miko is super natural and has been sending me helpful tips and answering my bazillion questions on how to take care of this bird’s nest. she also sent a link of one to Naptural85′s YouTube vids and i am HOOKED on this girl! seriously. i watched one vid after the other and completely lost track of time.  i’m inspired! i’m not giving up.

20150107_153454_1then we hit up Sweet Bakery for dessert, AKA, the Macaroon Museum! aren’t they everything?


‘look mommy, shiny hamburgers!!!’ hahahahaha! good guess, Chiso, good guess.


two for Thew and a snowman for Chiso.

Q: what is your all-time favorite cookie?

A: subway cookies are the best….. all of them.


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  1. Hi, Leah!

    As always, thanks for the post! Just wanted to tell you… Chiso is looking more and more like Sonny now!)) Can’t tell about Dego yet)

    Happy New Year!!

    Olga Douglas Sugar Land, TX, USA Cell: 919.498.5490


  2. Awe look at your little one getting all big! Yeah….nipple clamping is the WORST!!!! I’ve hollered in church Natural hair is…..exhausting but if you stick with it it can be rewarding. I am no longer natural of course but it was a good 2 year run for me! As a hair challenged woman I managed! So keep at it if you can!


    • isn’t he!? whew! and yeah… here we go again with this biting lol. what can ya do. i will most likely get braids again LOL but i’m gonna stay perm-less for a while for sure. thanks a lot, Sharde! Happy New Year to you and baby London!

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