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i’m saucy! homemade cinnamon honey crisp applesauce + pb2 coconut cups

haaaay yall!


so i have been working out with my gorgeous friend-girl Miko lately.  she had a goal to start hitting the gym more often, eating better, and cooking more healthy dishes for her and her hubby and well, i jumped at the chance to help her get this thang going! she has been ROCKIN’ it this week like WHAT.  i am seriously amazed by her dedication to our crack of dawn workouts! sometimes all you need is for someone else to say ‘i’ll meet you there’ to ensure your butt gets up and goes.


she is a joy to sweat with and we have been doing just that^^^.


today puts us at day 6 of the new year already!!!  it also marked the beginning of my 6th year of being a group fitness instructor. man.  i taught my TCX class this morning as usual, pumped and ready for all the new year newbies.  i am grateful to have a handful of veterans from when i first started teaching at Lifetime still hanging with me and my early morning shenanigans!  they have become apart of my #fitfamily and i look forward to seeing them every class.

today the boys and i made and devoured some homemade applesauce!!! working on a few projects for this year and a homemade baby food book IS in the works. thank you for your suggestions!!  like most things, store-bought products just fail in comparison to the real, homemade version.  this sauce falls into that category, is incredibly easy, and i KNOW you already have the ingredients on hand, watch!

2015-01-06 19.26.18

yall know honey crisp are my fave apples!  i only had one large one left though but i made it work and cranked out 1 serving (3/4 cup) of sauce.  so if you have multiple apples, go ahead and double or triple this up.

Homemade Cinnamon Honey Crisp Applesauce

the stuff: 

  • 1 large honey crisp apple
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp water (or 100% apple juice, or apple cider)
  • 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp coconut sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

do this: 

  1. core, peel, and cut the apple into chunks
  2. place apples in small sauce pan along with lemon juice, water or apple juice/cider, coconut sugar, and cinnamon and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.
  3. lower heat immediately, cover, and let simmer until the apple are soft… anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes, or less.  keep your eye on them and make sure you don’t run out of liquid or the sugar will burn. some carmalization is awesome though! gives the sauce a bolder flavor.
  4. add the cinnamon and mix until combined
  5. transfer mixture to your food processor or blender and pulse until completely smooth




my 3 yr old did too!  will have to try other apples as well.

and for dessert, cause we always save room (or make room rather 😉 ) PB2 Coconut Cups!


 i melted down dairy-free Enjoy Life dark chocolate chip chunks so this recipe is dairy-free.


the coconut flakes are actually optional! Sonny doesn’t care for them so i only did half the mini pan.


‘mama are they frozen yet?!!?’

  1. line mini cupcake pan with liners

  2. add 1 tsp melted chocolate to form bottom layer making sure the chocolate touches the liner all the way around using your spoon. drop pan on counter a few times to make sure this layer freezes completely flat

  3. pop in freezer for 15 min, take out

  4. add pb2 mixture (i just used chocolate PB2 mixed with cashew milk) and sprinkle with coconut if desired

  5. pop in freezer for 15 min, take out

  6. add 1 tsp melted chocolate on top making the last layer of your cup. make sure it touches the edges of the liner to seal it

  7. pop in freezer for 30 min, take out

  8. enjoy your sweet, dairy-free treat!

i used PB2 instead of full fat PB cause i kinda wanna eat them all myself and if i do i can still stay under my fat macro limit for the day. lol.


 i’ve come a long way since making these the first time. i don’t even want to link the old recipe post HAHA, but i am proud of my growth and will only continue to get better and perfect this craft of mine! enjoy!

Q: do you know of a store-bought item that tastes better than the homemade version??

make these recipes, take an awesome pic, and TAG ME! IG, Facebook, or Twitter!


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