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epic dad’s day

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers- earthly and the one and only heavenly!

since i am currently in competition mode, for once we didn’t go out to eat to celebrate:(  it’s crazy cause that’s normally the very thing we do.  celebrations call for EATING in our house.  couldn’t even do fro-yo 👿  all in due time though.  we spent QT with our families and each other:

my two loves… big Nnamdi and little Nnamdi.

 i didn’t make Sonny suffer completely- we went to my parents house to visit my folks and my mom cooked a nice T-bone steak meal for my dad.  for the first time ever, i could only smell and look but not touch or eat:

talk. about. torture.  mac n cheese is at the TOP of the list of foods i can’t wait to eat again.

one of Sonny’s gifts was a heart rate monitor watch- a black and gold Polar FT7!

just what he wanted! do you wear one when you workout?


if not, consider it.  there are soooo many makes and models, but a basic one is all you’ll ever need, IMO.  i did check out some reviews first.  how they enhance your workouts:

  • accurate calorie counter– who doesn’t want to know this info??  don’t trust that elliptical or treadmill number 😐
  • ensure you are at an appropriate intensity level.  if your heart rate gets too high your activity can become counter productive;  too low and you’re not pushing hard enough to gain any substantial health benefits.
  • find and monitor your target heart rate (50-85% of your maximum HR).  you can find this number *roughly* by subtracting your age from 220.
  • your watch will tell you which zones you are in so that you can burn optimal fat, carbohydrates, or sugar.
  1. fat burning 50-60% ideal for endurance and weight loss; the body uses stored fat as fuel.
  2. endurance 60-70% ideal for endurance and weight loss; the body uses stored fat as fuel.
  3. aerobic 70-80% cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance; burns fats and carbs in this zone.
  4. anaerobic 80-90% enhances lung capacity; muscles become tired and breathing becomes heavy. working hard and burning sugar.
  5. V02 Max 90-100% helps enhance speed in athletes; can only exercise in this zone for a short period of time as the muscles go quickly into oxygen debt.
  • prevent overtraining – maximize the efficiency of your training while minimizing the opportunity for injury.
  • provides feedback on your improvements over time.

he can’t wait to put it to use!  me neither cause i WILL be borrowing it.


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