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excuse me, where’s the calve machine?

oh yeah, THAT’S why i turned to group fitness in the first place!  sometimes i wander the weightroom aimlessly looking for the correct machine and can’t find it without asking a trainer half the time.  plus, i am often unmotivated when working out solo.  i’d go from machine to machine…do a few half-hearted reps of whatever and barely get through my ‘routine’.  this time, my motivation is completely different.  this time, i ask with pride :D. seriously though, this upcoming show is my constant reminder to just go hard,  suck it up and get it done.

i work out with my trainer a few times a week and he gives me things to do on my own as well.  i did lower body today and a lot of girls tell me that legs is their fav thing to work.  well i hate it all!!!  if only we could all #fastforward to the end result.

some of you have asked just what the heck have i been eating to see all these changes, and the answer is real food, lol!  no supplements or crazy detox drinks.  remember, i’m still breastfeeding for now and i will not compromise nor put myself or Chiso in any danger whatsoever.

meal plan is now going great- eating the same meal ALL day long was the worst.  my trainer has given me several exchanges for my veggies so i don’t get bored and i SO appreciate it.   i usually have chicken or fish with veggies, a starch, and a good fat.  balance and portion control.  i throw it all in one bowl and mix everything together.  this dinner in particular is mustard greens, tilapia, potatoes, and avocado.  not pretty, but edible!

grocery shopping has become boring and downright depressing for me.  i go in, ignore the sample stations, get exactly what i need on my meal plan and get out. 🙄 on top of that, **breaking news** Trader Joes FINALLY made its way to Houston!!!  well, close enough for now.  it’s actually in the  Woodlands which is about 45 min north of us.  i’m honestly glad it’s not right around the corner cause i don’t want to be so close to their AWESOME, indulgent, one-of-a-kind snacks.  they dip some of the craziest things in chocolate and it usually tastes crazy good!!! the last time we had the pleasure of visiting TJ’s was for our 4th anniversary in LA last year:

 i stuffed as much crap as i could into my suitcase before we left.  unfortunately,  i will have to stay my behind outta there until September.  but watch this- the Houston Trader Joe’s location is scheduled to open in Sept. :P. i will definitely be celebrating and breaking my sweets fast up in there.  already got a mental list going in my head.

my trainer will check to see how much body fat i have lost in two weeks this saturday.  just a quick update! holla!


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