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Tons Of Fun Challenge + sunday stuff

our Tons of Fun Challenge starts tomorrow!!! monday, september 22nd is the big day.  head on over to for ALL the details. it’s not too late to join us!
IMG_20140921_083315 (1)tag all your challenge photos with #TonsOfFunChallenge on Instagram. you know you want those headphones! but more importantly you’ll be transforming your body and learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.  you do NOT have to be local to do this challenge, nope.  just go check out the deets!


breakfast on the griddle this morning before church consisted of egg whites, lean turkey sausage, and pumpkin pancakes cause Fall and pumpkin overkill are on their way.  these are the last few days of summer, boo hoo!  i added 2 heaping tbsp of pure pumpkin and more unsweetened vanilla almond milk to make the batter smooth again for the cakes.

20140907_113130_1 (1)

 these fellas make me smile. seems like every time i’m away from them for a few days though (like last weekend for our anniversary), they have the biggest growth spurts.  is it just me?!  anyway, we recently joined a new church and finished our last required class before becoming official members yesterday.

20140921_142449 (1)

feeling very content about our decision!  Sonny and i are excited for the roles we have stepped into and just want to be all God would have us to be, especially great examples for our growing boys.


pizza was the lunch of choice provided and this slice was calling me!  we went straight from church service to our class and this held me over until we got back home so i could get some meal prep going.


this flavor combo from last week was really tasty, so i baked a few pans of whiting again today using Weber Roasted Garlic & Herb seasoning blend (ran outta the Boston Bay), fresh lime juice, and garlic powder. 30 min on 350 degrees.


and instead of fro-yo, i grilled up some nectarines on my grill pan and topped them with cinnamon and sugar-free cool whip.  such a healthy, light, satisfying, and naturally sweet dessert.  if you have not tried grilled fruit you are missing OUT. this treat is never limited to summer time in our house!  

Q: what fruit taste best grilled to you?

pineapple is my second runner-up.

Q: what’s your fave Fall pumpkin treat?

i’m ready for a pumpkin spice latte!


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