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rodeo run – the10k experience

bib is ON- it’s time.

it was 80 deg wed. and thurs, then we wake up friday to the low 60’s outta nowhere.  this morning was even colder, naturally! about 53 deg or so.  it really was perfect running weather so i’ll stop complaining.

that should be you!!!  it was a great turn out again this year. over 15,000 participants helped raise 400k+ for Texas high school students via the Rodeo.

 wrappin that thang up!! hubby got a shot of me juuuust before i crossed under the finish line.  the crowds and all the cheering and yelling never fails to help me blast through that final mile.  (spot me yet??)

gun time –  57:50, chip time – 55:07!!!!  i really just wanted to finish under an hour, though.

@ the post-race party. yet another reason i love HEB- they sponsor most of the races i participate in lol and ALWAYS have the best post-race snacks.  they were giving out fudge ice cream bars but the line was RIDICULOUS:(  i was too hungry to wait.

‘hey look, a bull.’ the line to take a pic with this guy was about as ridiculous as the ice cream line.  after making our rounds at the different vendor booths and running into countless friends  (it was seriously a mini reunion at one point) we headed to brunch.

not even gonna attempt to blame this on trying to keep the tradition going- truth is i am such a creature of habit!!! i could think of no other place for breakfast than LePeep..i just couldn’t. and YES, i got the same thing i ordered last time *eye roll*

hot chocolate

egg white scramble with smoked turkey and veggies.  i believe this is called ‘the health nut’ on the menu.  i subbed out the fresh fruit for potatoes cause i had a banana at the post race party. and i love potatoes.  drowned in ketchup.

one wheat pancake.

sonny’s plate. his stack of pancakes aren’t pictured but are hiding to the right.

 CONGRATS to all my friends who ran 5 and 10k’s for the very first time today!! way to set your goal and ACHIEVE IT!!!! EXTREMELY PROUD of yall for taking that giant step and simply signing up.  this is only the beginning;)   

 i’m subbing a weights class at the gym for another instructor tomorrow morning so my muscles really need to recuperate for the rest of the day. headed home for an evening of napping and lounging.  have a fantastic saturday!


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