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SB eve

i had forgotten that i was outta brown sugar this morning and my oatmeal was so not the same.  it’s all good cause i happily headed to HEB to get some more and to grab stuff for the big game tomorrow!  yep.  Sonny wants a party, so, we’re having a party.  i also stopped at Party City and got some decor.

i found these old school ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles- loved them and i wasn’t leaving without them.

so, who’s playing? i still don’t know but the food will be the BOMB.  not everyone cares to eat healthy that day, but some people do remain conscious of their diet.  i figured the best thing to do is to have a 50/50 party!   half will be low-cal, delicious finger foods, and the other half will be the usual game day stuff (pizza, wings, etc.).  i appreciate options, don’t you?  i am too excited.  the party menu will be documented in full so you can use these recipes for your parties all year round. i’m up doing prep work right now, so here’s a sneak peek of some of the dishes i’ll be serving.

baked buffalo chicken poppers.

i got my shredded rotisserie chicken mix going so the flavors can marry in the fridge overnight.

the original recipe calls for corn flakes to coat the poppers, but as i walked down the cereal isle i saw cap’n crunch and the light bulb came ON!! can’t wait to try both varieties.

original and baked scoops. half and half, remember.

 homemade guac for the chips and veggies- good fat.

yep, that’s greek yogurt- an alternative to sour cream. i’ll be adding ranch mix to it for a protein packed veggie dip. 21 grams!

ground beef for the sloppy janes. planned to do turkey, but the 93/7beef stats were better and cheaper.

 yummy chicken taquito mix.

i found these extra thin corn tortillas for the taquitos- only 80 cals for two, nice.

i’ll be making flat bread margherita pizzas using these 90 cal Flat Out flat breads. don’t let me down, Hungry-Girl.

 they were sampling this at the store- i liked it! great snack alternative to the chips.

white and dark chocolate dipped pretzel sticks – looking forward to making these:) i knew these cylinder mugs would come in handy one day.

im gonna try to fit a nice, quick run in after church before the festivities begin.  i can’t wait to get cooking. for now, GOODNIGHT!


where will you be watching Super Bowl XLVI?!?

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  1. I know exactly where I would like to be for Super Bowl. So how many people are you prepping for? Papa Chis invited the whole of facebook you know lol


    • hey Ann! greek yogurt for sure! way better for you at that. you could also try fromage blanc (french cheese)- the nutritional stats are super low, but it doesn’t have much protein at all:(


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