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WFM – Post Oak

well hello,


 i caught wind that this location was coming waaaaaay back in 2007 just before Sonny and i got married.  we were deciding on where to live and in the middle of taking a tour of some galleria area condos when the sales associate dropped the WFM bomb. i wanted to live in the area JUST for that reason! i didn’t know it wouldn’t come to fruition for another 7 years lol, but nevertheless, it’s time.

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i snagged the pic above from @WholeFoodsHOU’s twitter page cause i realized i didn’t get any exterior pics! whoops.  it was actually raining when i pulled up for my private tour and i had Dego with me and no umbrella, naturally 😦 . anyway, our tour guide, Kate, and another lady blogger were waiting in the front of the store to get crackin’.  i’d like to give a big thanks to Jeanette Webster for hooking me up with the tour!  so, here.we.go.

2014-11-05 22.07.50_1

an escalator flows right up to the very front of the store via the parking garage, just like in the Landmark Austin store.  Sonny and i actually took a pic in front of it from our 7th wedding anni travels this past September, remember!  Kate was sent to help open up the new store from the Lamar location as well. awesomeness.


first stop, fresh produce.  if i enter a grocery store from any other department it throws me completely off.  i must start here. #weirdo

 just look at all those colors. everywhere you turn!  everything screams FRESH. they put so much emphasis on detail and it shows.  walking into this department just makes me feel healthier.


 i thought these satsuma oranges were gorgeous and deserved a photo. why he mad though? j/k, j/k


an adorable juice bar with cold-pressed juices and smoothies sits on the outskirts of the produce department.  i wanted to purchase a juicer at one point in time but i don’t want it to be one of those appliances i use once and forget i even have.  i’d rather eat my calories than drink them so smoothies and juices are rare for me anyway. having someone else prepare it (and clean it up) is working perfectly at the moment lol.  the top pic was during our tour and the bottom pic was from thursday morning’s grand opening. yep, #iwasthere


all things wine & beer is stationed in between the produce and seafood departments.


what a gorgeous display and wide variety of fresh, responsibly farmed seafood.  they know exactly where it comes from, what it was fed, and more importantly, what is wasn’t fed!

making visually appealing and enticing food on a large-scale is no easy task; what a JOB someone has. they do it well though, right?


a few things you should know about WFM’s meat & poultry:

no antibiotics — ever

no supplemental growth hormones

no animal byproducts in feed

raised on pasture or range for at least 2/3 of the animal’s life.

we stayed around the perimeter for the most part; the aisles (packaged goods) are in the very center of the store.  only one aisle really matters though.


#thebulkaisle #findmehere #myfavorite #sometimesiwishitwasnt #scoophappy

there were a few more highlights on our way to the cheese department like:


 the holiday table!  TG and Christmas are pretty much here. get those orders in! sides, main dishes, desserts… endless options.


stopped for an #usie. i hear you, Kate, promise.


   oooh just snacking and dropping crumbs on top of Dego’s head.


we made it! cheese, cheese, cheese,


and then chocolates (among all other things sugar) in the bakery.  such an incredible amount of detail goes into the dessert decor!  another fun job.


well this is new! WFM is never afraid to try new things, that’s for darn sure.  there’s something unique about every single location, and this gigantic wood-fire oven in the Souvlaki Grill definitely makes WFMPO stand out.  and the fact that it looks like a storm trooper. maybe it’s just me.


they still make sandwiches, pizza, and sushi, no doubt, as well as prepared foods and their world-famous salad bar.

i don’t know why i was expecting to leave the tour with dinner though, smh! wishful thinking.  everything was wrapped up nice and tight.


but on the morning of the grand opening it was ON.


  i tried the Red Eye Boost which is made of spinach, beets, carrot juice, lemon juice. it was REALLY good.  extremely refreshing after my workout that morning.  i got some citrus collard greens, harvest salad (cabbage slaw mix with dried cranberries), scrambled eggs, plantains, and some of the most tender, smoked brisket i’ve ever had.  YUM.  the mango salsa was from the taco bar and it was scrumptious too. they have a bunch of salsas to choose from that range in heat. what taco bar?


this one.  you order what you like from those monitors and there are sandwiches to choose from too.  on the other side of that wall is something that has been getting so much press…


WFMPO is the first grocery store with an in-house brewery!  Kate mentioned that several times during the tour as they are super proud of this accomplishment!


once you pay for your goods and head past the registers to the winding staircase, you’ll arrive at the last stop of our tour.


the 2nd floor seating area to relax with friends & fam and enjoy your goods.  such a fantastic view of the entire store from the balcony.
i’m feeling the big orange, oversized chairs too! this is why i don’t have an eye for interior decorating though.  if i had seen these chairs in a furniture store solo i’d be like ‘ok, WHO would ever buy that??’


if you don’t head upstairs to eat, then back down the escalator ya go to the parking garage.

20141105_174448_1thanks a bunch, Kate!  she was such a gracious, genuine, and knowledgable tour guide.

so what’s in my goodie bag?!


  1. WFM Brewing Company Glass
  2. Green Plate Foods Nubblers: all natural Cherry Chocolate fruit bites
  3. Empire Mayonaaise White Truffle 
  4. Enfusia Lemongrass fizz & foam bath bomb


  1. Popcorn Indiana Sriracha Popcorn
  2. 365 Mismatched Sandwich Cremes
  3. Peace Water
  4. if you made it to the grand opening that morning then you walked away with one of these adorable bags too.

click play to see my very first vlog 😉

thanks for reading and watching and i hope you thoroughly enjoy the new Whole Foods Market Post Oak as much as i DO!!! let me know what you think!



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  1. Go to sleep link see ya tomorrow!! Lol nice blog 😘

    “We strive as we do” 💗💚💗💚💗💚💗 Sent from my iPhone



  2. Heyyy DEGO!! Look at you girl…all nervous for norrin! All you had to do was be yourself & genuine like you always are 😉 I hate mayonnaise too *yuck*…only mixed in with tuna or something where I cannot tell. They are opening a WF in the Woodlands, I dunno if it’s open yet but I wish I could get a VIP tour…hehe.


    • lol, i am such an over-thinker! thanks for watching 🙂 and yeeeeeaaaaah that may be the most expensive mayo i’ve ever seen but i STILL hate mayo, rotfl. unfortunately it did NOT change my mind! blech! hmmm, checking up on WFM Woodlands NOW, haha. thanks, Adaeze!


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