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Dego’s mini 1st birthday party + Applegate Grilling Kit — who wants one!?


you know that symbol when you see it.

it means you are in the vicinity of some healthy, organic, and all natural goodness!

thanks to Applegate we enjoyed these healthy hot dogs for Dego’s first birthday lunch.  i had zero faith Chiso (the 4 yr old picky eater)  would even take a bite of anything in that box but boy did he surprise us!


my lil’ helper was so excited to unpack the goodies.


what’s in there? only the best of the best components needed to build a BOMB, healthy hot dog:

  • Sir Kensington’s all natural yellow mustard & classic ketchup
  • 20150617_145903-01
  • Applegate all natural, grass-fed, uncured beef hot dogs
  • 20150617_145918-01
  • Vermont Bread Company Potato Hot Dog Buns
  • 20150617_145816-01
  • napkins
  • meat thermometer
  • cooler
  • ‘you grill girl’ apron
  • 20150617_145130-01
  • oven mit
  • the cutest Apple gate buttons ❤


it rained cats & dogs outside that afternoon so my grill pan was perfect.20150617_151600-01

yeah…. i don’t think i’ll ever be boiling our hot dogs in water ever again.  soooo much more flava this way.

stats per dog: 70 cals, 6g fat, 6g protein, 330mg sodium

ingredients: beef, water, and less than 2% of sea salt, paprika, dehydrated onion, spices (black pepper, coriander, mace, nutmeg), nutmeg oil, and celery powder. all recognizable stuff, right!


do you toast your buns? YOU GOTTA TOAST YOUR BUNS. spending just a little extra time on the minor details really makes an ordinary meal extraordinary!  i added a little Earth Balance Buttery Spread before toasting.


per Chiso’s request, we had an indoor picnic in the middle of the living room floor.


i walked out to the front porch to snag some thunderstorm lighting before we started though.


2% colby jack cheese, green onions, mustard, ketchup went on top of my dog!


so, Chiso ate 2 dogs all by himself! it’s like pulling teeth to get him to taste ANYTHING new… so this was big.


next, CAKE!  on the way home from the gym that morning i stopped by Whole Foods Market to pick up a mini cake for Dego and ended up with two! did Dego like it? check out our birthday song video below and see 😉


happy 1st birthday, big boy! this day was Dego’s actual birthday, but we had another small, family party that following saturday. so, who wants their very own Applegate grilling kit while the summer is in full swing!?

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Q: WHERE is/was your dream family vacation?

i’ll be picking a random winner this friday, July 10th. go!


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  1. Spain- Barcelona and Toledo specifically! Went with classmates but looking forward to going with family someday


  2. Bora Bora for hubby and I 15th or 20th wedding anniversary. Would like to take kiddos to Atlantis Sanya, China but will settle for Atlantis Royal Resorts in Dubai…


  3. Before kids it was anywhere tropical but now I would love to go back to Disney World with kids and spend a good week there letting us all enjoy everything! That grill kit is super cute and love the indoor picnic idea. Surely a hit with the kids!


  4. Oh my gosh! Can I say that I’m just here for pics of you and your family?! They’re SO cute! I literally scroll through to see pics before going back up to read lol

    It’s just me and my hubby now…so far we’ve done beach trips but I would love to take him to Latin America. Macchu Picchu has been one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen so that would be the dream!


  5. My ultimate family vacation would be to Australia! I could see the girls, hubs and I taking on every outside adventure possible from the water to land! (Totally out of my comfort zone) but hey! 😁 lol! Oh well! On top of that its ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!


  6. Maldives was my dream vacation spot! It is literally heaven on Earth. You are surrounded by crystal blue water everywhere and you get to embrace the Earth through the beautiful marine life and the fresh food made from locally grown ingredients. Great place to go if you just need to shut out your hectic life for a bit!


  7. I want to Honeymoon at Disneyworld. The last time I went, I was a little girl. I’d love to visit as an adult before I get to bring my kids.


  8. My dream vacation is a family vacation to Portugal to visit my roots!! Have my children and hubby experience it!


  9. My dream is family vacation would be to Hawaii. Somewhere I can just relax and enjoy the beaut of Gods creation. I don’t have kids and I’m not married so maybe one day I can experience it with a family


  10. Visting family in Acapulco during summertime! It’s been a family affair for as long as I can remember……


  11. My dream family vacation is to go to Dubai. I love the lights, glamor, culture of new counties and is at the top of my list.


  12. Cape Town, South Africa. It’s going to happen one day. God makes what SEEMS impossible to the human mind, possible! I can’t wait!


  13. My family and I will actually be taking our dream vacation together here in states. We will all be traveling to Washington, D.C. To participate in the army 10 miler as a group.


  14. My family’s dream vacation is Tanzania. We really want to go and visit the Serengeti and see the beautiful beaches. 🙂


  15. My dream family vacation is to Australia. I have friends who went there and said the sights are amazing. Would love for my daughter to see all of the animals as well! The real mission would be getting through the long plane ride LOL


  16. Happy belated birthday Dego!!! My dream family vacation is Africa! I would love to go on a real safari and I think my kids would love it.


  17. I would love to have an extended road trip and visit different cities and attractions across the U.S. We would go to amusement parks, museums, and other places. I would like to do that or a Disney cruise.


    • girl i’m dragging my butt over here, you didn’t miss a thing unfortunately lol. I meant to get it up monday morning but it’s going up tonight. thank you for following up and holding me accountable ❤


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