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YOU are a work in progress! Sunday Soror Shenanigans

hey, wassup, HELLO!  both my boy’s birthday’s have passed and my BFF is now happily hitched…so, i’m officially back. life happened for the past 2 months and i’m not apologizing for it or anything, but i did kinda up and leave this space without saying a word, i know #noshedidnt #ya #shetotallydid. however, i hope you’ve been following me on Insta cause i’m definitely still active there, aaaaand i recently joined the awesomeness that is Periscope (fitfoodiele)!!! it was a bit scary at first (still is) as there is no editing, no filters, no nothing… just you and your camera, broadcasting live from your mobile device.  sometimes i have a plan…sometimes i do not… so luckily there is a delete option, haha.  anyway, i’m just having fun with it. i know i’m all about fitness and food 200% of the time, but there is so much more to LIFE and fit foodie le. some stuff i’d love to share, some stuff i’ll gladly keep private.  i know people use social media for different things, but i have grown to stop taking it SO DANG SERIOUS!!!!! and let’s not even start with the comparison crap (bodies, material things, status, etc) i mean really.  say this with me with conviction: ‘God has big plans for ME and i am on HIS timeline.’


got it? believe it.


you know when you KNOW you need to go do something but keep avoiding it and making excuses every. single. chance. you get? for me, that thing was sprints. i have not run full speed in i don’t know how long but i KNEW that’s what would get my butt back into gear and rev up my workout motivation big time!  and well, they DID.  i’ve been eating clean as often as possible and sticking to my 6 Pack USA plan for the most part—>but<— i have been walking a fine line (and going overboard more often than not) when there is an abundance of a particular food around (shrimp fried rice, cake, pizza……).  and um these past 2 months i’ve had plenty of all 3 with all these parties!  that’s nothing new with me though. so, to keep things ‘under control’ and still enjoy those foods in moderation, i have to go out in the street or on the track and get uncomfy every now and then.  the trade off is always worth. i cooked up 400 cals in 30 min before heading to teach my Preggo Patties this past saturday morning!  a post on that is coming up soon:). here’s the bad news– because i hadn’t ran so fast in so long, that all over itchy sensation tore my legs UP.  yep, it really is a ‘thing’ and there is a scientific explanation for it. ugh. i can’t stand it though! has it ever happened to you?  only way to cure it though is to KEEP RUNNING, and keep working out. consistency, consistency, consistency.

IMG_20150628_140447my body responded immediately, so sunday morning i woke up (late) feeling SO good!  i got to put on this gorgeous H&M dress (that was the perfect shade of pink) and meet up with my Sorors for brunch. we are turning two on June 30th! skee wee!  we dined at North Italia and you know i have the pics to prove it.


we started with yogurt, granola, and berries for the table,


then, BRUCHETTA BABY!!!!!, (check out their menu for details)


and i got the egg white veggie scramble with fresh grated parmesan on the side (yes i had just eaten eggs at home for breakfast lol), smashed fingerling potatoes, and grilled sourdough bread.


we ordered french toast for Chiso and gaaaaaaah, it was as incredible as it looks.  

the ‘food makes me happy!’ dance! the fruit was a no-go for him though.
20150628_123222-01twinsies ❤


happy early anni to us!


 – pretty girls –


– AKAtch 22 –

i have a First Line Brands Dri Sweat Flex headband to give away in my next post, so get ready!

don’t forget to follow me on Periscope and Insta 😉

Q: what food comes to mind when you hear the word BRUNCH? 



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  1. LOVE everything!!! Those shoes match the dress perfectly! I want all the food. Brunch is always pancakes for me (which is why I rarely go). I need big, fluffy, pancakes with lots of syrup.


  2. 5′ 10″ with or without the shoes? lol

    You looked beautiful in that dress!
    I have missed your posts! I figured that you have been very busy and it sounds like you were! Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures!


  3. Le,
    Do you still recommend the Polar FT4? I am looking for a heart rate monitor and wanted to ask you what you think of it after using it for a bit?


  4. So cute and that’s alright you an AKA….my Delta sorors and I can put it down in the restaurant too and head out on the pavement later for a nice run. 🙂 Great post and thanks for stopping by. Keep up those sprints – my coach Monte Sanders definitely says they help chisel you out.


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