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33 candles


this past tuesday, april 7th,  started out how it normally does for me- up at the crack of dark, coffee, then gym to teach my Lifetime HIIT class.  only this time, it was my burfdaaaaaay! thanks for the pic, Sonny, LOL #skillz

i expressed to a few girlfriends how i wanted a makeover for my birthday this year (since most of my time is spent looking like the complete opposite).  my plan was to head to see my beautician and get this hair blown out after class, but idk, i just didn’t feel up to sitting up under a dryer after that workout!  even wanted to go get my makeup done at Mac or something but nope, i changed my mind. why do i make getting ‘beautified’ such a hassle!? #storyofmylife  plus i was gonna be up in the gym the next day so…. i talked myself outta that one (again) and saved a few dollars. the braids are coming back VERY soon. time to convert this afro bun into a braid bun, haha.  anyway. the simplest of things bring me the most joy at this point in my life.  i’m not big on parties (for the kids, ya, for me, not at all) so spending time with my fam and eating good is the best thing ever in my book.  p.s. material gifts are added blessings that i always welcome with open arms though *cough* #fitgifts *cough* 🙂 🙂 🙂

i got back from class and Sonny told me to get dressed so i was like

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 4.03.59 PMokaaaaaaaaay!


some of the best eateries are right in our own back yard! Sonny does his research and finds great places for us to try, like this one: Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Company


this jewel is tucked away in the heart of Sugar Land Town Square and was as perfect as the weather that day.


just testing out and playing around with Sonny’s new phone while we waited for our food!  He recently upgraded to the Samsung Note 4 and i am head over heels for the camera on this thing.  i need these megapixels and i am anxiously awaiting to upgrade to the S6 myself.  it was actually released today, woo hoo!  the pictures are incredible and make my S4 pics look like an 8 bit nintendo game. ok i’m exaggerating but the differences are crystal clear to me. #punintended


we started out with sweet potato waffle fries for our appetizer (Chiso even ate a few!)


and i enjoyed every bite of the Hail To The Kale Salad. fresh kale, strawberries, goat cheese, roasted sliced almonds, in a sesame vinaigrette.  YUM.


Sonny: can you order something you normally wouldn’t make and eat at home this time?

me: ok, got it.


i got the La Grange omelette: red pepper, mushrooms, chicken breast, and spinach which came with a gorgeous Belgian waffle topped with everythang you see up there!  Dego agrees it was pretty magical.

20150407_124250_1Sonny ordered a dish affectionately named: The Fat Bastard. salty bacon, poached eggs, and fluffy waffles!

food is art. and i’m loving close up shots these days.


i love quirky, fun, unique stuff like this!  they might not be the first to do it, but it’s the first i’ve seen a restaurant use a classic paperback for the receipt/credit card/pen holder! love it.


if you think my hands are full, you should see my heart. grateful to GOD for these knuckleheads and turning another year older. i was one full, happy mama.


‘i don’t want my children to follow in my footsteps.  i want them to take the path next to me and go father than i even dreamt possible.’


next up, a mini shopping spree! don’t mind if i dooooooo! the BEST purchase i made that day: 2 good bras.  loooong overdue for that.  breastfeeding makes ‘the girls’ fluctuate like crazy, so i held off on getting one for the longest. proper support is important!  it can make or break an outfit IMO.

then we dropped the boys off with their granny and grandpa and headed to a scrumptious dinner at Flemings with a special surprise guest:

my bro has been overseas for my last 2 birthdays, so i was elated to be able to celebrate with him this year.

PhotoGrid_1428449529365 (1)

AND this big ol’ cake he bought me that i could not stop picking off of and finally got outta my house TODAY. lol.


 thank you for everything, Sonny.  marriage is not a noun…it’s a verb.  it’s not something you get, it’s something you do. every single day.  marriage is not easy and like everything else in this life it takes an effort to thrive and succeed.  as long as God is His leader, i’m prepared to follow this man wherever he leads our family. i’m on his team and arm for life.


hellooooo, 33!


nice touch!  i received this birthday card,


and a box of chocolate truffles from Flemings! sweet.


the boys ordered gigantic steaks,


and i failed #again at picking something different and got the bbq salmon & baby bella mushrooms. 🙂 asparagus and creamed spinach were our al la carte sides, and i started with a wedge salad w/ ranch dressing on the side.

6 Pack USA clients, look away LOL!!!! we ended dinner with a birthday song and a  

singing happy birthday

cause i still don’t! #awkward but i sure did appreciate it. we all split a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream. 

thanks for reading and for the SWEET birthday messages via voice, text, Instagram, and email! 


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  1. I absolutely love your approach to life! The black and white photo of you and your children walking away and the quote beneath it…beautiful! I don’t have children, but I do pray that God blesses me with a marriage that is similar to yours, one that is God lead and enriched. Happy Birthday!

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  2. Loved you enjoyed your birthday! I couldn’t see a better way to celebrate than with family and food. I know exactly what you mean of the camera difference between the s4 and s6. My work cell is an s5 so I know the s6 is gonna be a beast. Look forward to more post you inspire me. 😍


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