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The Egwuatus

happy sunday funday!


today was a rest day for me so i stayed indoors looking somewhat like this. i bust out laughing every time i look at this pic! give me a pair of fuzzy socks and i’d be set.  an IG follower commented on how her 13 month old would still find her way inside to breastfeed. LOL.

i threw a whole bunch of stuff in my egg whites this morning to make #weggs (waffle iron eggs) and made a huge, delicious mess instead.  no-stick cooking spray wasn’t enough to save me cause i loaded that thing ridiculously full!  there’s cheddar almond cheese, Applegate organic chicken & apple sausage cilantro, tomatoes, golden bell peppers, liquid aminos, and black pepper in there.  low sugar ketchup on the side!  i also had some oat bran with kiwi and unsweetened coconut flakes.


 so in addition to it being frosty outside today, it was also raining in my hood at that. staying in was definitely alright with me. i somehow snuck away for a bit to finally break out that Enfusia bath bomb i received in my goodie bag from my WFM Post Oak tour!


the first thing that came to mind when i saw this pic i snapped was ‘Calgon, take me away!’.  aaaaand now i’m showing my age.


it was like a Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Color Tablet on steroids. the lemon grass aroma filled my bathroom and turned the water a subtle lime green color.  nothing like a steaming, hot bath on a nippy, winter day.


i got some blogging done (obvi) and i even updated a new page for baby stuff!! i appreciate the Instagram baby food feed back, man!  i wanted to get all my old baby food posts and fit preggo info in general together in one place for you guys and i do hope this serves as a huge resource. i’m also working on that baby food e-book as well! aaand i’m redoing the other pages on my site too, so bear with me.

 my fave IG caption for this pic:

‘mama imma let you finish, but first i gotta take this selfie.’ HILARIOUS.

we received so many beautiful Christmas cards in the mail from our friends this season.


gosh, it just seems like we all graduated yesterday! crazy.  well, The Egwuatus didn’t get it together in time for Christmas pics (again) this year but we are right on time for New Year’s, ha.  so here we are!

IMG_20150109_185409whadaya think?!  Christin is a beast and this a sneak peek from last month’s photo shoot!!! my dress is from H & M and i found the stilettos at Aldo during black friday madness for like 50% off. they are definitely the highest pair i own and they keep Sonny on his tippy toes lol.  the boy’s fits are from H & M too,  and Chiso’s kicks are from Old Navy.  they were THE last pair on the shelf and matched our color theme perfectly!  Sonny doesn’t care for H & M (half the stuff doesn’t fit his athletic build anyway) so he headed on over to Express for his threads.

Qs: what’s your favorite rest day relaxation technique?

 do you send out family holiday cards?

what else would you like to see in the Preggo Powerrr section???

stay warm over there,


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  1. I usually wait for the kids to go to sleep (friday usually) I have my glass of wine with hubby.

    I sent out my Christmas cards out last week. 😁
    Finding time to get stamps was harder than I thought.


  2. LOVE the family photo!! And Dego’s selfie. So excited about the baby food page and eBook!! Will be putting to good use in a few months. Happy New Year!


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