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same book, new chapter *2*0*1*5*

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

happy new yeeeeeeeea! *in my new york accent*

we made it. by the grace of God, we made it.

the thought of a new year actually makes me quite anxious.  i don’t really like change.  i know it’s inevitable though.  i usually deal with it by having a nice, long, dramatic, cry!  and then i’m good again. lol.

 i popped up eeeearly on NYE to hit the gym as usual but decided to sleep in and wait for my boys so we could go as a fam.  they slow me WAY down and that’s part of the  reason i go get it in while they are sleeping lol but i really took the time to enjoy and cherish our family gymming experience.


on our way to do our last workout of 2014 together! my bad, Dego.


 instead of heading home, Sonny drove us to a surprise Whole Foods lunch.  i’m ALWAYS down for that! i hit the hot bar as usual and threw a bunch of random stuff in my box. as usual.  there’s grilled hoke (fish), roasted butternut squash, tex-mex quinoa, grilled peppers, and marinated mushrooms in there.  then i went to the bulk aisle to get some plantain chips and they were ALL out. nothing but crumbs left in the bin. i figured we were going straight home after the gym so i had no food packed for Dego, just boobs.  i was in the right place though cause i immediately went to grab some Earth’s Best Organic packets for him.  he slept through lunch though so i brought them home.


pizza for Chiso and Sonny hit the Souvlaki bar for some gyros. later that night…..


we hit the town!  i bought this dress back in September from H&M and planned on wearing it for our anniversary but didn’t get a chance to.  it was perfect for our NYE date though! Sonny ALWAYS does his restaurant research and picks the best places.  we dined at Kuu Restaurant and when i tell you every single thing they brought to our table was crazy delish, you better believe me.


 we were supposed to be discussing our 2015 goals but never quite got around to it.


i planned on getting dessert but the kitchen closed during our meal 😦 here’s what we devoured though:

  • wrinkly crinkly
  • miso soup
  • creamy rock shrimp
  • poiseidon roll
  • yui roll
  • ringo hirame
  • chili prawns


then we headed over to City Centre to see the fireworks and hightailed it home immediately.  i wanted to get some rest for the Lifetime Fitness Commitment Day 5k the next morning, my first run of 2015!


i am SO glad the race start time wasn’t until 10am.  i grabbed a piece of whole wheat, sugar-free Nature’s Own toast with pb, a cup of 1/2 caff, and headed out with last night’s make up on.  #lazy


it was cold and misting this year! i was reminded of this quote as we all stood there listing to the national anthem being sung and waiting to take off:

‘the finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race.’


they never stop! they are just like buses. they keep coming, one race/journey after the other, trials and tribulations included.

 so, ‘run if you can, walk if you have to, and crawl if you must…but never give up!’

and memorize this verse as we venture into 2015:

‘i know the plans i have for you,’ declares the Lord. ‘plans to prosper and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’

-Jeremiah 29:11


i wanted to bring Chiso and he was soooo bummed as i was leaving the house but i plan to put him in a few 1Ks (and a few other sports) this year! i am more excited than he is about that!  i got my post-race snacks and headed back home to bed. #cuddleweather



a year ago this very day i was 4 months preggo with Dego and now he is HERE and eating up all our food like his brother and papa! we’re ready for you, 2015. here we GO!

 so, did you go out or stay in?


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  1. We stayed in on NYE and New Years Day. My husband and I have a newborn so we just stayed home and watched the fireworks from the window. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love this new blog look!! I’ve never gone out on New Year’s Eve, it’s usually a night of snacks and pajamas but I would gladly discard my pjs for that food!


    • thank you Alisa!! i seriously love it too. i actually wanted to be back home to celebrate with our boys at midnight (even though they were sleep) lol. but the fireworks were cool too! and yes, if you are in Houston you have GOT to try Kuu! happy new year, lady ❤


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