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hey, hot stuff

of course i’m talking about YOU.  and this list of stuff i’m really, really feelin’.   but first, HAPPY MONDAY!  you ready?



hilarious, right!? omg. i love laughing so hard real tears come streaming down my face. those are the best kind of laughs. i missed my super early gym date this morning from going to bed so late last night, but, fit moms always have plans B – Z ready to go.  i’m gonna get it in later cause i’m determine to do just that.  DON’T give up so easily, guys!  all is not lost after you original workout plan(s) fall through.  work it out, work around it, and get it done.  ok on to this here list:

cashew milk


cashew milk is double the calories of unsweetened vanilla almond milk but dairy milk STILL can’t touch it at only 60 calories per 1 cup!  it’s just like the carton describes… irresistibly creamy, smooth, and 50% more calcium than dairy milk at that.  i also spotted the almond/coconut blend right next to it and threw that in my cart as well.  these are nice additions to our staple unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  have you tried cashew milk yet? Chiso (3yrs) enjoys it a lot with his breakfast. switching to dairy-free milk has been one of the best dietary decisions i’ve ever made by the way.  Blue Diamond had the top spot for a while, but i’m definitely a Silk girl.

lip stick



i love my older brother dearly, but i’d be lying if i said i hadn’t wondered what life with an older sister would have been like. maybe the Jordans and basketball jerseys i wore to school from his closet would have been sun dresses and peep-toe pumps instead. maybe i’d wax my mustache regularly and get manicures.  and i prolly would have become acquainted with lipstick before my 30’s for sure.  or not. who even knows.  wow, i see so much of my mom in my face.  speaking of her (hi mom) — she never banned me from wearing makeup in middle school which is prolly why i never touched the stuff.  i would see girls jump off the bus and hit the bathroom to put their ‘face’ on before class, then wipe it clean on the ride home.   too much work.  and YouTube wasn’t around to help me out then either.  which means nothing cause i still can’t do a stupid smokey eye.  Sonny pokes fun at me immediately whenever i come downstairs with makeup on, so he secretly likes it too.  i received this box of goodies from recently and i might have even squealed a little. i only squeal for food so that says… a lot.


such an eye-catching package.


in addition to the lipsticks, the box also came with Hask Monoi Norishing Shine OilNique Cosmetics Mineral Bronzer, and some Lotta Body Control Me Edge Gel that i desperately need cause all my sweating makes these edges nap up quick.  almost time for them to be redone by my girl Ogechi again though.  if you’re local to Houston and the surrounding areas, hit her up.  she’s MOBILE! doesn’t get any better than that. braiding can be an all day (or multi day) job, but wouldn’t you rather be in your own home than a shop? we’re taking family holiday pictures soon so i gotta get these edges under control.

date night


 i played with the rich fig lipstick that night!  and did my best with those YouTube smokey eyes.  anyway, this was our first solo date since our wedding anni back in SEPTEMBER.*gasp*.  i’m all for family outings and activities but an adult-only date is one of the best things we do to keep our marriage thriving.  and you don’t necessarily have to get dressed up or even leave the house IMO, but we enjoying putting on our best for each other. it’s just apart of the fun of date night! i also like H & M which just opened in the Houston galleria, whoop, whoop!  my grey, peplum top and cardigan is from there 😉


what? we had this coming after a dateless two months, come oooon!  Sonny took me to Masraff’s in the Galleria and i hadn’t been there since my 30th birthday celebration dinner two years prior.   the dessert is actually from Grand Lux Cafe cause we weren’t ready to go home after dinner, haha!

when you make my food (and show me!) ❤

i screenshot, screenshot, screenshot aaaall the time!  please believe! i have a gallery full of the amazing food photos you tag me in and what else can i say but THANK YOU and give all the glory to God!?  i take great pleasure in creating these recipes and to see you guys making, enjoying, and sharing them with your family and friends makes my entire LIFE.


 keep them coming! @fitfoodiele


and i’ll keep the recipes going.

specialty store food finds

that’s the reason i even go to specialty food stores! they have super cool products i can’t find at ‘regular’ grocery stores. like: (clockwise from left)


  1. Skinny Truwhip – as a recovered cool whip addict i should know better than to bring this in my house but MAN it’s the bomb on some pumpkin pie. or all by itself.
  2. Pumpkin Pasta Sauce – i did it for Fall!
  3. Pumpkin Spice Salsa and Pumpkin Molasses BBQ Sauce (didn’t get the bbq sauce though…did you?)
  4. Candy Corn – all natural! didn’t get this either but i thought seeing a ‘healthified’ version of a classic candy was neat.


i’m stuck on these!  So Delicious dairy-free french vanilla almond and/or coconut creamer. party in my coffee cup every morning.

i ran across these gourmet tomatoes and was blown away by their beauty and price.  i showed them to Sonny when i got home from the grocery store and he and i both agreed how expensive they looked. how bout they were only 98 cents per pack. i know, right!? score. i ate most of them raw. yummy.

well now i’m hungry. toddles!

Q: do you eat a specialty diet?  (vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.)

Q: have you been on one in the past and had a change of heart?

me: we are 85% dairy free in our house!  i stopped eating meat back in college and that lasted all of about 6 months i think.


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