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new flame – sunday strike training

i have THE dumbest ‘nightmares’ ever. forreal. it’s typically the same setup, just a different issue. i’m running super, crazy late to teach my Lifetime class and the members are waiting around looking disgusted, angry, and annoyed and leaving one by one.  i run up the stairs, panicked, heart beating outta my chest, braids flying everywhere, breathless, winded, and sweating only to find:

  • the studio key is missing, nobody knows where it is, and we can’t get in


  • both the mic and sound system are broken


  • i left my ipod and/or cds at home

every single time. i have woken up at 4am in a cold sweat thinking these things have actually happened followed by a huge wave of relief after realizing it was a dream. then that relief turns to anger when i realize i only have 15 minutes left ’til i have to get up. ugh. #instructorproblems i guess.


i learned a new exercise format two sundays ago at an all day training at Lifetime.  Strike!  it’s ‘a 60 minute martial arts inspired kickboxing cardiovascular resistance training class’. or, in layman’s terms, a high energy, fat, & sugar burning whirlwind of awesomeness.’ i LOVED IT. our trainer, Abrea, brought it like she always does.  that’s why she’s a master trainer, hellurrrrrrr! she inspired me to rock Strike with my own twist.  that’s what instructors do though; make it their own… and own it.  i can’t believe i thought about doing cardio before the training. HA. sleeping in was the best decision made that day.


since sunday is my meal prep day, i didn’t have any food to take with me to the training.  nope, wasn’t even thinking about that on saturday night either!  so i just ate lunch and snacks from the Lifetime Cafe, no biggie.  i got this Mediterranean chicken salad for 50% off, some boiled eggs, added a halo from home, and some green tea sweetened with stevia. later i had a cinnamon roll Quest Bar i found at the bottom of my purse.


remember Abrea from my certification training 2 years ago!? daaang i wish my hair grew that fast.

so sunday is usually church/family day and i despised being away from my boys for that long + missing the Word!  i pumped some milk for Dego before i left the house, but it slipped my mind to even bring the darn pump with me.  things got pretty uncomfortable around hour 6, so i got up outta there as soon as we were released and sped home to handle up on that.  Dego is not feeling the bottle anymore at ALL these days, so i worry he won’t eat and just cry his face off until i return, ugh.  thankfully being away from him that long is pretty rare.


 i had this guy on the way home (BBQ chicken from the LT cafe) cause i was so dang hungry and lacking with my calories for the day.  luckily i’ve mastered the art of eating and driving.

Q: what family tradition do you look forward to every week?

Q: do you have reoccurring dreams or nightmares?










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