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38 weeks – i should pack

 1 cm dilated celebration pose!


my OB checked me at my most recent visit yesterday aaaaaand, well, i’ll take it.


one is better than zero, right?  right!  she then reminded me of some natural ways labor can be brought on, but my mom is not out for the Summer until this friday (she’s a teacher) so we will hold off on those for the moment. lol.  we are in no rush anyway, seriously.

i have, however, finally start packing my hospital bag.


now that i have a bigger, better (cleaner) bag!


i found this J. J. Cole satchel bag in Babies R Us that caught my eye (and Chiso’s apparently) so i rolled with it. this is my running list so far:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.27.20 PM

and this is what i have going as of today:


in my bag:

  • slimming black nursing cami (Target, 22.99)

  • swaddle blankets

  • burp cloths

  • Odego’s going home fit and extra onesies

  • car seat + head support

  • diapers & wipes

  • travel toiletries

 and the infant car seat is by the door!  currently researching double seated strollers… that would be smart.


 i may have very well taken my last Wednesday night Turbo Kickboxing class before Odego gets here… we’ll see what happens!

Q: moms, what did you bring to the hospital that you should have left at home OR that you wish you would have brought with you?


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  1. Not your first rodeo lol, so I would suggest everything on your list plus: birth plan, camera/video camera, baby book for footprints (if this matters to you if not they’ll give it to you regardless just won’t be in your book), cute hat or outfit for baby pics in hospital ( if you elect to do this), big brother gift for Chiso’s big brother party (I did a big brother t-shirt for Max), sports bra for laboring ( I didn’t do the gown it was too hot for me lol), heat/cold pack for laboring (hospital may provide this, my doula made me a cool heat pack she warmed in the microwave), tights for extra support, belly wrap (hospital may provide this), makeup, shower shoes, long sleeve sleeper for Odego and socks (I learned the hard way with Max), toiletries for hubby, basketball shorts and tee for hubby (sometimes they forgot because it’s so much going on), whip up some muffins or a nice treat as a thank you for your nurses (or buy muffins-my nurses rocked). Hope this helps!


    • yeee haw, right!? big brother gift-YES. working on that now.. that is super important to me for sure. i’d rather have a sports bra and tights too- no gowns! and you are always thinking of someone else, Krystal! nurses are huge blessings… my first one rocked too. thanks for sharing and for your ideas!


  2. Last time i didn’t bring it with me, I am as still debating wether to bring the Boppy pillow for nursing or not. Great List.


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