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3rd triggity-tri update


 it’s happening again 😯 . food aversions have returned and all i want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is Subway!!!  so i had some last night for dinner.  yes, the entire thing in one sitting. don’t worry, it fit my macros, lol.  i’ve been randomly putting my meals in MyFitnessPal just to make sure i’m somewhere in the ball park of my daily requirements.  anyway, thanks Sonny, you’re awesome.

it’s a turkey breast sammich on honey oat bread with all the veggies except onions and jalapeños with honey mustard.  hadn’t had one since the 1st trimester and boy was it as tasty as i remember.


uncomfy , eh? understatement. i enjoy the constant reminder that Odego is awake, moving around and doing his thing in here. however, i feel every single twist, turn, kick, punch, head butt, and cartwheel. all of it.  just like Chiso, he gets wired up as soon as i get settled in the bed at night.  but thankfully it doesn’t hinder my sleep one bit.

let’s talk about these energy levels though!  this baby is siphoning mine off day by day and i knew that was coming…just not so dang soon.  so most mornings,


i wake up like that.

but this morning before teaching my 5:30am weights class i felt good. like really good again. maybe i should eat foot long Subway sammiches before bed more often.


10 weeks left yall!!! 😯 WAT. i’ll explain more about that #pregnantNOTpowerless hashtag in a bit.

ironically, i’m most uncomfortable when i’m dormant or at home cleaning and picking up random stuff off the floor.  i do all this working out at the gym but when i see something on the floor at home that’s not where it’s supposed to be most times i just leave it there LOL. why is it so much more of a challenge then?!  idk.  i’ve been sleeping with one of those body pillows from Target for the past 4 months now and i highly recommend one.  you can splurge and get the real thing too.


still not caring for sweets, just all things dairy, mainly cheese.  but every now and then i’ll make this guy instead of going to get fro-yo, soft serve at BK, or a McFlurry – a low-dairy chocolate milkshake at home.  i’m totally satisfied after slurping this guilt-free concoction down.  try it! throw this in your blender:

  • 3/4 cup cookies and cream or vanilla maple Arctic Zero ice cream
  • 1/4 cup + (2 tbsp or so if needed) unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2 tbsp Hershey’s sugar-free chocolate syrup + more swirled in your glass 😉

before i made coconut whipped cream (which is dairy-free) for the first time a few days ago, i just used fat-free Reddi Whip and chocolate sprinkles for my topping.  legit yumminess for a total of:

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.53.15 AMthat’s it.


this little boy here. he has his ‘Odego Time’ every single day, multiple times a day.  he GETS it now.  his little brother is on the way and he can’t wait to slide down the slide with him at the park.  his words, lol. i was worried about how he would be affected (and still somewhat am after he arrives) and i’m reading up on how to make this transition easiest for him.  heck, all of us.  any tips moms, please share!

you have a bigger influence on your kiddos than you think!  i just knew the park would be way more exciting than lil ol’ me, but as soon as we got there he asked, ‘mama can we make a video?  i want to exercise with you.’ floored. so that’s how our 30 week playground workout came about.

check out this adorable article via that shows you how big your fetus is using fruits and veggies, love it.  Odego is the size of a cabbage this week!




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  1. I can’t believe you just posted that chocolate milk shake. I have been so cheap with myself when it comes to grocery store splurges, but dammit! I am picking up a pint of artic zero tonight to make this! haha, thanks for sharing lovely!

    Oh, and thanks for making me crave a toasted subway tuna melt. Sigh, my curried veggies for lunch no longer sound appealing.


    • isn’t Arctic Zero expensive for that itty bit pint!? i know:( but it nips my sweet tooth in the bud without doing any damage so it’s worth it sometimes lol. go have your tuna melt girl! you work so hard!!


  2. Congrats on the third trimester! I only hope to look as good as you! You are inspiring! Gone head with your bad self! Also, I know I am a soon to be mom, but my coworker who recently had a baby said to make sure you include the older sibling in helping you with the baby, like feedings, diaper changes, fetching things,She said it makes them feel like you all get to spend time together. 🙂


    • thank ya lady!! i appreciate that advice- Chiso is SO excited about his little brother now and MUST be included in everything already lol so this should be fun 😉


  3. Hi Fitfoodiele! You are so inspiring. I want to remain healthy and fit during my pregnancy. The Dr. has been on my case about weight gain. I am in my 2nd trimester, 21w 3d to be exact. I have been craving sandwiches the whole time, however I heard that lunch meat is a no go unless its heated. How do you feel about this? I really want a sandwich. The same one that you posted lol!!!!


    • thank youuuu!!! your doc is right- listeria can be present in cold cuts but all ya gotta do is heat them up in a skillet on both sides before you build your sammich. that’s what i’ve done my entire pregnancy. go eat that sammich, girl! enjoy it and congrats, mom-to-be!


  4. I think its so easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new baby & to assume the older one understands. I cant speak from the parenting standpoint so i’ll speak from the child’s standpoint. My sister & i are 8 yrs apart & my parents just came home w/ a baby one day. Lmao. I dont remember a discussion long talks abt it. It was like “u see the tummy, theres a baby in there end of story. Eveyone visited brought baby stuff grandparents came drooling over said baby. I feel i wasnt transitioned good enough. Imagine being the only child for 8yrs & the 1st grandchild & u come home from school & everyone is correcting u whenever u say “my daddy”or “my mommy”. Although I’m sure you will & already are including chriso in everything encourage the extended family & friends to, in their excitement, still remember & include him. Not to make it appear to him, although it wont be the case, that they’re there for the “new” baby. I promise im not still harboring ill feelings towards my grandfather for making me cry that day. Lol.


    • your parents just walked in the door like ‘Hi’. LMBO! Nish, thank you for sharing your experience! i can understand being solo for 8 years then BAM. you’re right, i will do my best to include Chiso as much as possible as well as fam and friends. that IS super important. i’m grateful to be getting so much solo time with him these days as well. we’ll see what happens 😉


  5. What is your screen name on MyFitnessPal? I’d love to be inspired by you there as well! My screen name is mthomas25 :)LOVE the blog!


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