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what time is it?


and it’s FOOD.  i’m down if you are.

latortillaaLa Tortilla Factory Light Flour Tortillas are hot, hot, HOT.  so hot, they are hardly ever in stock at my Sprouts when i go.  but this ain’t about me!  it’s about YOU and your tortilla needs. cause you really, really need these tortillas.

so i’ve partnered up with La Tortilla Factory again cause i wanna put these guys in your life. again.


these large, 80 calorie, full of fiber, low carb tortillas are awesome for wraps, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, and apparently —->POPTARTS<—.  homemade, healthy poptarts of course.  sweet OR savory!

with this whole Instagram poptart craze going on,

image (2)

 wouldn’t you like to get your hands on some?

make you some of my homemade strawberry chia jam and you are well on your way!  or you can make some bbq shrimp pineapple quesadillas (recipe in Fit Foodie Lean!)


they are also holding a fun, edible art contest with some NICE prizes to win via Facebook right now as well.  i got my eyes on that Williams and Sonoma gift card.  oooh the things i would buy…

SO, how do you win 5 packs of these babies?

you know i keeps it simple- comment on this very post and tell me just what the heck you’re gonna make with them if you win!



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* tag a friend that likes or may like La Tortilla Factory tortillas under the Instagram post concerning this giveaway*


just a friendly reminder that  i see and count ALL entires myself, so they are never in vain.

share away below and GOOD LUCK FIT FOODIES!


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  1. I would love to make your home made poptarts and the shrimp and pineapple quesadillas! Every time I go in to the local stores by me they are ALL sold out!


  2. Oh YUM!!!!!! I have been wanting to try these. I would make yummy wraps of all KINDS, PIZZA!!!!!! and oh um yum NACHOS!!!!!!! Enchiladas, quesadillas LOL yes can you tell I am Mexican ;0).


  3. I’ve literally looked at every grocery store in my area…from national to local to specialty and I can’t seem to find these anywhere. Needless to say, I’ve got a plethora of recipes I want to try them with! Quesadillas, breakfast burritos, and ALLLLL of your clean poptart recipes…I also am interested in making the tortilla bowls and tortilla chips (esp with stevia and cinnamon)…clearly I want these, haha.


  4. I would make a breakfast burrito with eggs, chorizo, peppers, onions, spinach, and cheese! Lunch I would make a pesto chicken wrap with spinach, tomato, red onion, banana peppers. Dinner would be quesadillas. What kind? The possibilities are endless. But it would def have black beans and avocado.


  5. Love me some Fit Foodie Le!!! I need thies tortillas in my LIFE! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Making the poptarts for a slimber party with girlie girls! Can’t wait!


  6. Wow this really made me want a poptart😳😍😜
    But I think I would make some bomb shrimp tacos (that I would press on the panini maker to make them all gooey–okay I need to go now because I’m hungry)


  7. I would finally make the all-the-rave poptarts I see all over Instagram and pineapple shrimp quesadillas (sounds mouthwatering..). I have been dying to make them, but I can never find these tortillas anywhere!


  8. Ooooh my goodness I would make healthy poptarts…and breakfast burritos. Yum!

    I also liked your FB page and tagged a friend on IG (cali_gin).


  9. I would make healthy pop tatts and breakfast burritos.

    Liked your FB page and tagged a friend on your IG giveaway picture (cali_gin).


  10. I plan on making pizza and quesadillas and some sort of sweet treat filled with sweet potato. I hope I win them.


  11. I always struggle with cutting sugar from my daily diet so I have tried your yummuffins which were to die for and if I win I will definitely will be trying the “healthy pop-tart”!


  12. I love the pop tart idea. My girls love cheese and I would make cheese quesadillas or tacos or anything I can figure out with them basically. Love them!! :0)


  13. I love making peanut butter and jam on a nice warm tortilla or even grilling them with peanut butter and banana slices!


    • Stephanie,
      YOU ARE MY WINNERRRRRRR! your multiple entries definitely worked in your favor this time girl! thank you sincerely for entering and i KNOW you’ll enjoy creating all kinds of awesome eats with your tortillas! please email your contact info to me ASAP – CONGRATS AGAIN and thanks for your support!


  14. Wraps! I miss having wraps for lunch because I couldn’t find a good tortilla.

    I already liked your FB page before the giveaway.


  15. Obviously I would have to make the poptarts because they look so good. I would also love to use them to make some turkey and hatch pepper enchiladas. Yum!


  16. I have been looking all over to find these! I was addicted to them back home on the East Coast. When I moved to the West Coast I can’tfind them anywhere!! I have searched in every store, even dridriving across town to make special trips to find them ha I would make all my old faves : burritos, enchiladas, wraps of every kind, yummy pizzas and cinmamon sugar “chips” 🙂


  17. I would definitely attempt to make those yummy looking pop tarts, chicken wraps would be great with spinach, feta, grilled onions and salsa, or all different kinds of pizza! Your tortilla recipes look so good, so I know I’ll have enough tortillas (if I win) to try them all!


  18. Fizidotskxkckhl omg!! Still can’t believe I just seen this!! I have been lookin for these damn tortillas everywhere !! I need these in my life!!! I wana make quesadillas, enchiladas,thin crust pizzas, sweet cinnamon chips ect…and I have got to try theSe poptarts!!! Ahhhh pick me pick me! (:


  19. Hi, I would make egg whites, tomatoes, red onions, spinach and (homemade) honey grilled chicken breast strips topped with light shredded cheese with a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning with those healthy light delicious looking tortillas. I would add raw slice carrots for presentation next to my healthy tortilla.


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