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my legs felt so good after my 45 minute run last night that i wore…. 😯 shorts 😯 to class this morning.

i had on a Nike top and shoes, so i had to match, come on.   knee-length cropped tights are obviously my fave, but change can be a great thing.  at least that’s what i keep telling myself! oh and don’t listen to Homer up there- fitness is a DIY project so the answer is HECK NO.


this was some of my post-workout breaky: oat bran pancakes and a veggie filled egg white omelette.  i used my banana pancake recipe but subbed the banana for  a tablespoon each of unsweetened apple sauce & pure canned pumpkin AND i used 1/2 cup oat bran + 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  i should prolly just make a new recipe huh.  the texture was fluffier, and moist-er (yep made it up) and i was really diggin’ their appearance this time. (it also depends on the type of pan you use… i had a new cast iron skillet.)


today was pretty busy, so i packed some lunch and hit the road.  whenever i wait too long to eat, i get crazy. like forreal.  headache, terrible mood, and i am more likely to hit the drive through cause it’s as convenient as ff restaurants make it unfortunately.   fueling your body properly is a huge part of the health and fitness lifestyle.  it’s the only way you’ll effectively reach your fitness goals.  if you would like to talk to me about reaching yours via 6 PackUSA’s personalized fitness and nutrition plans, you know what to do.

 today’s meal 4 after getting home was courtesy of Fitzee foods!  i had the cheesy chicken and rice bake and it definitely didn’t look like this before i put it in the oven! i dropped it while plating:( but it’s all going to the same place. it was super good and satisfying!  i know i harp on making your own food most of the time, but sometimes having a HEALTHY meal already prepared in the fridge or freezer is well, awesome.   i’m super sad though cause it’s the last meal of the huge box of food they sent me to try out.  i will certainly be a repeat customer because everything i had (and didn’t have lol) tasted amazing.  my mom was visiting a few days ago and i came home to this little note and empty carton.  she devoured the Fitzee pita pizza and was kind enough to leave a note.  thanks ma.   it was a wheat pita topped with ground turkey, red sauce, peppers, onion squash, olives, pine nuts, fresh herbs and mozzarella cheese.  yammy.


welp, it’s that time again. we all knew it would come super fast, and well, it did. my bro Matt came down from working in Afghanistan for the past several months and surprised our entire family two weeks ago!  he didn’t say a word about his arrival which is so his style, lol.  we all cried, even my dad who hardly ever shows any emotion.

we kinda missed that guy.


he was able to make it in time for my Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. new member brunch, which was his goal!  as if i hadn’t cried enough that morning…. seeing him brought the ugly-cry-face right back and made my special day that much sweeter. 

we laughed, we talked, we reminisced, we hung out, we did what we do best – eat.   we went to brunch earlier yesterday for one last meal together before he departed- it’s like Chiso understood his uncle was leaving.


according to Matty, the food is just not that great where he lives, so he made sure to eat everything he had been missing while he was here, ha.  like that there french toast.


i ordered the ‘health nut’ from Le Peep, and it was as awesome as it always is.

six egg whites scrambled with smoked turkey and fresh seasonal veggies served with fresh fruit (swapped it for potatoes) and a dry whole wheat english muffin (swapped it for a biscuit for Chiso).


we’ve been saying that the goodbye thing would never be as hard as the first time…. but yeah that went out the window 😯 .


so, over the waters, mountains, valleys, and deserts he goes…….until we meet again bro.

on skype. haha


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  1. Gosh that last picture was so touching 😦 Children have such a way of conveying raw emotions.
    Nice that you had a surprise and bro quality time! Gotta love siblings 😀 That Fitzee food looks so delish…


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