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muscles & fro-yo

i’d like to introduce you guys to my fit friend, Tasha.

Texas shredder 2013.1

thank you, Tasha, for proving yet again that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to!  she is living proof!  after seeing some of my journey last year, she was further intrigued by the sport of bodybuilding.  so, she went for it!  why? because she CAN!  Tasha overcame the physical and mental challenges of the competitor training journey and ROCKED THAT STAGE.  i’m super proud!  please read her advice and overall first time experience:

What made you compete?

I, like many others, was just going to the gym with no any specific goals but just to be healthy. I’d go
and do maybe 30 minutes of cardio then get on a few weight machines that I thought I knew how to
use, and then just leave. I liked the idea of having a more muscular physique but had no idea what it
took… then someone randomly asked me if I ever thought about doing a fitness competition. I promised
them that I would consider it and the first people I contacted was Leah and my cousin, who
also competes and is currently my trainer. Both of them gave me lots of insight and encouraged me to
compete, so I decided I would give it a try.

What did you gain from the experience?

It’s funny because I went into this thinking all I would gain was a nicer looking body and lower body
fat percentage but I gained sooo much more. Competing has given me a sense of accomplishment.
Competing is a major commitment and I was able to set this goal that was so far out of my comfort level
and accomplish it. Although I am very personal, it’s still a great feeling to show people my competition
pictures. It’s the product of months of work and dedication. My friends and family have also been
really supportive of my decision to compete, even more than I would have imagined. That feeling of
overwhelming love and support has actually been one of the best experiences from competing. This is
what kept me motivated.

Do you have any advice for first time competitors?

There are 2 things I would share with first time competitors. The first thing is that competing is both
physical and mental. The physical part is expected, but the mental not so much. The mental part was
actually as hard as the physical for me. You will doubt yourself and your progress, but keep with it! This
is when a good support system will be needed to help keep you focused. The second thing is be careful
not to compare yourself with others. It’s okay to use other people as inspiration, but remember that
every body is different and we are all at different points in our fitness journey. Your progress is based on
how much you improved from where you started, not only if you look like anyone else.

le tash

excellent advice, Tasha.  thank you so much for sharing your experience, insight, and HOT pics with my fit foodies!

i love the fro-yo combo below and get it pretty much every time we go. usually no sugar added vanilla, cake batter, or no sugar added chocolate as far as the fro-yo goes. most of the time it’s worth the tummy after-bloat and overall fluff dairy tends to give me, but now….ooooh but now, my prayers have been answered.

IMG_20130428_230351i recently discovered two new flavors at Red Mango that are both dairy-free and sweetened with all natural, zero calorie, STEVIA!  dark chocolate and raspberry sorbetto. have you had them yet?!  they are both fantastic.


15 and 10 cals per oz.  YAAAAAS. let me know what you think!

fro yo tips:

  • look up the nutritional stats online before you visit 
  • check for speciality options e.g. dairy-free, sugar-free, no sugar added, low fat, etc.
  • fresh fruit and nuts preferably for toppings
  • live a little. it’s dessert. dessert is fun and to be enjoyed. so do so in moderation!

there are a bajillion self-serve fro-yo places these days, huh!  one on every corner seems like. so….who’s the BEST in your opinion?

 you know who’s got my vote!


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  1. I live downtown/midtown and sweet lola is pretty good. They have this lavender flavor that is awesome topped with chopped almonds and sprinkles! 🙂


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