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my 1st guest post!

i have been so blessed by my fitness journey thus far and i find great pleasure in showing LOVE right on back to others any way i can.  so, i present to you,  Melanie Bowen, fit foodie le’s first guest poster!


you are making history, lady!  Melanie believes exercise can be a conduit for the healing of many different diseases (including cancer) by giving back energy levels, reducing stress, creating better blood flow, elevating fitness and mood levels, and encouraging a more positive outlook on life.  i could not agree more with her as exercise and fitness has always played so much more than just a physical role in my life.  read up!


How Fitness Benefits the Cancer Patient

When a person is diagnosed with any critical disease such as cancer, including mesothelioma, the tendency is to relax, rest and just take the exhaustion brought on by the illness. Patients may believe that by sleeping and simply taking treatment prescribed by the doctor, that is the best they can do. What those diagnosed with cancer do not always realize, are the steps they can take outside of traditional treatment to better themselves and their prognosis. One thing modern research has shown is a strong connection between health and fitness.

Most know that for humans to be healthy they need to have adequate exercise and a good diet. Once cancer has diagnosed, somehow this knowledge become subjugated by concerns about treatment and life itself. While exercise and striving for fitness will not cure a critical disease, a fitness program, along with other treatments, helps the body fight the illness.

Even moderate exercise decreases the risk of getting cancer. After a diagnosis, exercise provides any number of positive benefits. According to the National Cancer Institute and many other studies, exercise increases the quality of life for those fighting cancer.

Exercise helps keep the body toned and the blood circulating more freely. This strengthens blood vessels and nerves, which can be damaged during certain treatments. Lying around only brings on depression and a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Exercise gets a person up and moving and feeling alive. Attitude means a lot during cancer treatment and helps predict who will survive and who will succumb. Exercise and fitness elevates mood, which encourages a more positive outlook on life, possibilities and treatment.

Fitness promotes health in those fighting cancerby keeping weight at an optimum level, reducing the possibility of developing either diabetes or high blood pressure, and by helping to maintain the strength and flexibility of bones and joints.

Some cancers cause weight loss and loss of muscle mass. Exercise helps keep muscles strong and flexible. This, in turn, means the cancer patient can be more active and self-reliant. The more those with cancer can do for themselves the better they feel about themselves and the more self-confident they will feel.

Of course, any fitness program needs to be geared to the abilities and health situation of each individual. Those newly diagnosed and those in remission may be able to follow more difficult regimens than someone who is weak from the disease and treatment. Exercise should be tailored to strengthen weaknesses, allowing the body a better chance to fight the cancer. So, talk to your doctor and get started on a program today!


Lying around only brings on depression and a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.’ so powerful and so true.  exercise produces and stimulates those awesome endorphins that helps us feel better, physically and mentally.  right on, Mel, right on.  does this apply to you or someone close to you?  spread the word on the benefits of physical activity! even better, join them and do it together!

thank you sharing your article and story with my readers, Melanie. many thanks!



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  1. thanks so much for this article. my mother was recently diagnosed with what appears to be stage 2 breast cancer (the biopsy results will be available in a few days) and I have been researching diet and exercise information to supplement any treatment that may be in the offing as a result. great information!


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