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La Tortilla Factory Giveaway!!!



did she say giveaway?  YES SHE DID.  i am straight blown away, still!

you know those tortillas i am always raving about and using in my recipes like the ones up there^ (quesadillas, wraps, homemade chips, burritos, tacos, etc) well, ahem,  because i’ve been showing La Tortilla Factory so much love,  they decided to show me some right on back!  talk about ‘give it to get it‘, hello!!  they go like hot cakes at my Sprouts Farmer’s Market and i have not been able to snag a pack since the grand opening last month.  however… they handled up on that and helped a Fit Foodie out, BIG TIME!  they sent  me a variety pack that included their Smart & Delicious Light flour tortillas,


and some Fiber & Flax White and Yellow corn tortillas.


 also, because of them……. i am honored to be hosting my first edible giveaway for all of YOU! not with the ones they sent me though, those are mine. 😆  La Tortilla Factory would like to shower one of you lucky ducks with 1,2,3,4 *FIVE* packages of Smart & Delicious light flour tortillas for YO-SELF!!!!! sweet deal, right?

so how the heck do you enter?  remember what i said about the jumping through multiple hoops thing… yeah that’s annoying and not gonna happen here.  i appreciate simplicity.  comment on this post and just tell me why you want the wraps and what you plan to make with them!  i wanna know!

now, to INCREASE your chances of winning lol, you can certainly either Like the Fit Foodie Le fan page if you haven’t already,


or, just follow my blog by clicking that follow button up at the top right corner of this page.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 1.16.01 AM

 be creative with your comments and ideas like i know you can!

rest assured there is a wrap to fit your nutritional needs, whatever they may be. they are tasty AND healthy, and there are plenty to choose from!  definitely FFL approved 😉


this was my meal 5 from last night- i perfected the whipped sweet potato recipe for the e-book and enjoyed some with a pan seared tilapia fillet cooked in Bragg liquid aminos and Mrs. Dash onion & herb seasoning! that was all over some fresh, steamed asparagus.


i had some grilled pineapple left over, so i made a super quick ‘salsa’ to go on top of the fish.

grilled pineapple salsa

the stuff:

  • 1 cup grilled pineapple, chopped
  • 2 tbsp red bell pepper, diced
  • 1 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1 tbsp fresh lime juice

do this:

chop it all up and mix it together! super quick and easy topping for any protein.

last night we attended a home going celebration for a close family member.


if you’re Nigerian, then you can name every single thing on my plate, especially those wonderful, delicious PLANTAINS!!!! my favorite.  if you’re not lol, it’s jollof rice, stewed stock fish and vegetables, spinach, plantains, and there is some super tender goat meat in there somewhere.  i’ll be adding more Nigerian dishes to my repertoire, don’t worry.


this boy was so serious with that chicken wing and those greasy lips!!! this was too funny not to post.


you still with me?  today, we met up with a former 6 Pack USA client and Instagram #fitfam member @waltlewjr and chowed down on some Ruggles Green eats! good times, good food & good peeps! I had a mixed greens salad topped with jicama, dried blueberries, and tomatoes and tore up that roasted chicken pizza with Chiso. Sonny had the kobe beef burger with sweet potato fries.  no fish tacos, this time. s/n: why couldn’t Chiso have smiled like that for our family pictures 🙄


the last time i ate RG’s roasted chicken pizza was in 2010 when i was preggo and i ate the entire thing, solo!!! i mean, we.

La Tortilla Factory is also hosting another fun contest on their Facebook Fan Page page for the upcoming Cinco De Mayo  holiday!  another one of you guys could win more free tortillas, a margarita making machine and fun party decorations just by entering their “Cinco de Mustache” photo contest. the deets are on their FB page– check’em out!


THANK YOU again, La Tortilla Factory!

this contest will run for 1 full week, fyi. so on saturday, April 20th, it’s a wrap. 😯

p. s. we are officially TWO weeks out from the Green 6.2 10k!!! have you registered yet? are you running with Team Fit Foodies?!  we’d love to have you! email me if you’re interested:



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  1. Yes! Nigerian food? Is your husband Nogerian?! I love a good rice and goat meat! Or yam and beans! And plantains! I would love to win some tortillas. I would love to try out some quesadillas and wraps lunch and breakfast! I think I was lucky to try these once and their good!! And ps that pizza looked delicious!


      • Ha. Go Naija boys…well men! I’m still trying to rope mine in. He is a great cook, & I fell in love with their food except I’m still working on egusi soup. :-/ but I’ve tried many new flavors and dishes bc of him :). Ps. Go tortillas!


          • I would love to know some Nigerian recipes!! I even have tried finding a cook book with some luck but didn’t purchase anything yet. I used to be able to make his stew back in college from watching so many times. But I think it has evolved in recent yrs and I haven’t cooked Nigerian in ages so no go these days lol.


  2. I would like to win because I am trying to make a transition into clean eating consistently. I will be honest and say I don’t have any fancy shmancy meals that I would make with the tortillas. What I will say it that I would just combine the things that I love and that is shrimp and avacado!!!!! Aha, that’s it I wouldake the best and easiest shrimp avacado wrap around….Lol!! Yep that’s all I got:)


  3. I’ve bed dying to get my hands on these tortillas but they are always out!! I plan to make some black bean and tofu tacos topped with lettuce pico de gallo and guacamole


  4. I want to win because my boyfriend and I LOVE making wraps and these are fabulous! We’re both incredibly busy teaching and playing soldier, so between commuting to school/post and the gym and meal prepping during the couple of hours I’m home, sometimes a wrap after the gym is the fastest, easiest and most delicious thing we can make happen! It’s killing my teacher’s paycheck trying to keep enough wraps in the house, so this would be a huge help! We make a million things with them – from quesadillas (coconut oil is the secret!) to what he calls his “man wraps” (overstuffed, with a little hummus to take it over the top) to pizzas. 🙂 I love that you’re giving these away!


    • ‘man wraps’, hahahaha! men always have to be so…. manly 🙂 yep these things make meal prep so easy cause there are countless things you can do with them, love it! thank you so much for sharing, Lauren!


  5. I’d love to win because I keep seeing your amazing tortilla’s on IG and they look absolutely delicious!!! I might have to run over to Sprouts before the contest even ends and pick me up a package.


  6. Ahhh! I hope I win!! I’ve really been trying to eat clean since the beginning of the year and it is working but in my quest to do better, I’ve given up my beloved tortillas. I just can’t find any that are healthy and clean and still taste yummy! Sometimes taste isn’t worth it, even if it is better for you. Hopefully these will be my happy medium! Delicious as you claim them to be and healthy! #win. I’ve got a laundry list of things to make with these beauties. One thing is veggie tacos with roasted black beans, corn, red pepers, and onions. Another thing are these awesome shrimp quesadillas with a bit of skim cheese and goat cheese, grilled onions and peppers, and spinach. Also, I love your blog! I’m a new follower and I’m always looking for new workouts. My goal for this year is to workout/sweat every single day and I just hit day 100 a few days ago so I’m always trying to mix it up to keep it from getting boring.


    • i agree with you 1000%. ‘sometimes taste isn’t worth it, even if it is better for you’. if it tastes wack, it is what it is! which is why i am SO glad that these tortillas taste good along with being good for you. thank you for sharing your ideas! i’m so glad you found me- thanks for the love and support! i will have to check your blog out too, girlie 🙂


  7. Soooo, why would I want some DELISCOUS La Tortilla Factory tortillas?!?! Hmmmm, let me think…. well first of all they’re DELISCOUS and low in calories, they’re great for making oven baked tortilla chips to go with yummy homemade guacamole, they would be perfect for my tortilla pizzas with almond cheese, spinach, purple onions and turkey deli meat, and last they of course would be a no brainer in a nice sandwich wrap. Yum, yum, and YUM!!!!


  8. I’d like to win the wraps because I’d like to break the monotone routine of either rice or breads. These wraps would be fantastic for quick, easy meals!!


  9. we live in San Diego so we eat tortillas every day. I would like to have a good tasting tortilla that was lower in fat and calories. So, I would like to try them.


  10. I would like to win, because I absolutely love these tortillas! I am on weight watchers, so I use them for pizza crust, wraps, and for breakfast burrito wraps. So yummy, yet so good for you.


  11. I’d like to win the wraps, because they’d be great with my black bean sweet potato burritos. Serve with some guac and homemade salsa…what could be better?


  12. I have never tasted these tortillas but I fell in love with the nutrition facts (and your instagram posts with how you eat them lol)!! I would love to use those bad boys in a wrap! The wrap will have a veggie burger (I’m not vegan or anything, I’m just obsessed with veggie burgers lol), avocado, spinach, and I still have to think of a healthy sauce! I would also like to make clean pizzas, nachos, basically anything I can think of lol!


  13. I’d like to win to make something quick and simple. Dinner usually takes about 30 minutes to prep and an hour to cook.


  14. I want these more for my husband than me. He is super scared of carbs, but I am trying to show him that there are “good” carbs and that you can enjoy a variety of food if you are smart about it. I LOVE enchiladas, maybe some chicken ones would be great to make with this!


  15. Yes-oooo! Naija food 🙂 gosh it’s been forever since I’ve had goat meat…hummmm. I digress lol. So since I discovered these tortillas I have been hooked! They are a nutritional homerun…I am really trying to broaden my creative culinary skills and have used them as a pizza crust, wraps & quesadillas. I am thinking of now cutting them up, throwing them in the oven for chips. I didn’t know they came in other types ie. corn?? I smell healthy enchiladas!! In addition being a grad student on a budget they run pretty high (5 bux) so I buy them here and there when I can but run thru them like water. Winning 5 packs would be GLORIOUS!! 😀


  16. I’d like to make a Mexican casserole, layers of turkey meat, corn, black beans, spinach, low fat cheese and tortillas. I would also use them to make breakfast tacos or fish tacos, my fav. Thanks for the opportunity! I enjoy your posts.


  17. Ok I think I have something for those with a sweet tooth…..Chocolate Quesadillas. Simple recipe, Flour tortillas, Cinnamon sugar, chocolate chips( dark chocolate or semi-sweet). Put Chocolate chips on one side of tortilla and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon sugar. Fold in half and cook in pan with cooking spray until golden brown and chocolate is melted. Wait a few minutes before cutting to avoid all the chocolatey goodness from oozing out. You could even dust the top of the quesadillas with the cinnamon sugar for added sweetness!


  18. Hi! I don’t have a facebook account, but I do follow you on instagram, pinterest, and now on this blog! I would love to win the tortillas because I have a lot of mouths to feed and I try to feed them the healthiest food possible on the budget that I have! I am married with 4 children, btw! We live in NC and we don’t have a sprouts anywhere nearby. 😦 If I won the tortillas I would use them to make breakfast burritos with eggs, sautee’d peppers and onions, low fat cheese, and salsa! I would also make cheese quesadillas for my 3 year old. (she loves them!) Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!


  19. Well, my husband eats flour tortillas plain straight outta the package… I have yet to convince him to drop them for something more healthy, and this just may do the trick! On the other hand, I would love to try these for some fish tacos or black bean and avocado quesadillas.


  20. I am recently getting into the whole nutritional meals but have no clue what to buy. The part of town that I live has no nutrional stores around 😦 Nobody here has heard of Sprouts or Whole Foods!! I know right? crazy…But honestly, these tortillas will benifit me because with all your posts you have about them, you can help me start going in the right direction of my fit food crave that I want to continue….U have honestly made me want to get up and finally stop setting my weight goals to the side and start doing it! I hope you enjoy reading why I think I deserve them as much as I love reading your posts


    • omg, no Sprouts or Whole Foods!? AAAAGGGGHHHH! i’m so glad you have such a positive attitude about becoming healthier though, Ana. you’re right- have faith in your ability to commit and just DO IT!! thank you for reading my blog and for your story, girl!


  21. Ahhhhh! I’m so glad I saw this on your ig page, winning these tortillas would really make my entire year! The reason I want these so bad is because im from South Africa and we have no healthy wraps here! Not even from woolworths, we do get corn tortillas tho but they have a lot of additives and other nonsense. What I would really like to use these for is to make a multiple decker pizza 😀 I always see adds on tv for this pizza I can get at the local pizza place but obviously it’s unhealthy and not part of my diet. I would also like to roll a banana, peanut butter and chia seeds in one 😀 I used to eat that alot for breakfast until I became clean, I also recently found a recipe for Mexican lasagne where u use tortillas rather than pasta, and I lovvee lasagne!!! I also thought it would be realllly cool to wrap a small steak, sauce and veggies into the tortilla and bake it with (in love face) like a beef Wellington! I really hope I win these, so over excited already lol 🙂


    • oh wow, Michaela, you have great ideas, lady!! sounds like you’ve been keeping them handy in your brain for a while now LOL!! thank you so much for sharing them with me 😉


  22. I’d LOVE to win!! I’m a Mexican food addict (not just bc I’m a Latina) but just in general! And I’ve never heard of such an awesome tortilla till you and can’t find them! I’m a fit/clean eating stay at home mom and don’t have all the options in the world so I make due with what I’ve got. These tortillas would make things so much more fun and give me so many more options. Eating clean everyday can be a big struggle especially when I’m trying to feed a 2 year old everyday with things like Mac n cheese or pizza. I’d love these tortillas so much and would love to try them! I hope you I’m in the running to win them! I also have an Instagram cleaneatingfitchick if you want to check up on me and what I’m doing! Thank you! I’m a huge fan!


    • I feel like I forgot to put what I’d use them for! Ha. I was too into asking for them. I’d love to make some chicken enchilada’s. Use them for fajita’s, breakfast burritos, taco’s, and anything else I can use a tortilla and some salsa for!


      • hey my fellow fit mom!! i can tooootally relate with trying to feed your toddler healthy stuff- they can be some picky little boogers, can’t they! thank you MUCHO for the IG love and i will definitely check up on you! i appreciate your note lady, thank you tons for sharing 🙂


  23. Would LOOOOVE to try these out! If I won, I would make something sweet with it since i’m big on dessert. 😛 Maybe a banana burrito? We’ll see!


  24. Hey! Hey! I’m really into fitness & clean eating & here is what I would make!
    -Breakfast Burritos: EggWhites, Sautéd Mushrooms, Spinach, Lite cheese
    -Sandwich Wraps: Turkey Bacon, Grilled Chicken, Avacado, Honey Mustard, shredded cabbage
    -Cut up Tortilla Slices sprinkled w/cinnamon & baked
    -PB or Almond Butter, Banana, Waldens Chocolate Syrup, Almond Shavings & heated

    Great now I’m Hungary! Lol I also followed your blog, liked your FB & twitter! I was already following you on instagram! DJFIT247:)


  25. Being Mexican….I must say that I LOVE me some tortillas. I tend to stay away from them because they have so many calories in 1. Flour tortillas are my weakness! Actually, most carbs are. LOL.

    I would love to win these tortillas because of their reduced calories. Flour tortillas with 1/3 fewer calories….uh, yes please!


    • fresh flour tortillas are one of my top FAVE carbs too, Virgina!! and when you microwave the light 80 calorie flour wraps for a couple seconds…. 😯 HEAVEN 😯 lol! thank you for sharing, my friend!


  26. Give me! So… I am inching into cleaner eating slowly! I have a ton of marinade ideas to modify… Now that I have aminos! I’d love to make a clean lime and cilantro chicken wrap with a pack of these. I’m new to avacado.. But I like the creamy green go with citrus, cilantro, and garlic… With chicken that’s been marinated over night with mustard, aminos, some salt free seasoning, and a few peppers!! Can’t wait!


  27. Hello, I would love to change my family eating habbits due to my health & also my son with the sickel cell have to eat clean but its hard for me to find something he would actually eat. Out of 6 kids he is the one that is a very picky eater,I would love to win so that we can try the wrap that is on your page.


  28. Hello again 🙂 I would love to win some of these yummy tortillas. I first went to sprouts to snag some of these when I saw them on your blog. Nutrition facts are awesome and fit right into my mission to KEEP IT CLEAN! They wer D-lish! Only have tried the flour ones though…would love to try the corn ones. One of the many things I would like to make (I’m mexican :-p) is a healthy chilaquiles. I cut up into triangles and crisp them up with either some smart balance light or a few sprays of healthy oil. and then throw in the egg/whites a modest sprinkle of cheese then top with some salsa, avocado, and some plain greek yogurt! YUM


    • giiiirl you were lucky to snag some of the flour ones, shoot! i’m so glad you loved them though. i’ve NEVER made chilaquiles but i love how they sound! thank you for sharing, Andrea!


      • Yay! I’m so excited. Thanks for picking me. Great way to start my Monday!! 😀 Can’t wait to get creative. I’ll be sure to share with you what I come up with . Thanks again Le 🙂


  29. I would love to finally stay consistent and change my eating habbits. I have been feeling very down with the way I look and feel. I am a nursing student and it is so hard to find time between work and school to make healthy and nutritious meals. With these tortillas I could make yummy, healthy and quick meals. I plan to incorporate veggies such as spinach, broccoli, onions. And other yummy things like avocado, turkey, chicken, egg whites. etc! I am really excited about trying these! Thank you for the opportunity!


    • well thank you for sharing, Rocio!! consistency is key, but we are our own worst critic… every day is a new opportunity to start over and try again, so be encouraged and do just that, ok? it’s a gradual thing and you WILL get it, i know it!


  30. THE PLANTAIN AND RICE AND PEPPER STEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I DO NOT think that’s healthy but i live for that meal!! OMG!! Cheesecake Factory makes a dish.. with spicy black beans, rice, plantain, chicken and shrimp! No red stew though…..I have no clue the name of the dish…. I ALWAYS get it when I go…SLAPYAMOMMA!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


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