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peanut butter chocolate chick cookies


happy belated Easter ūüėÜ


we got up early and had a big platter of whole wheat french toast with fresh strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds, cinnamon, and Walden Farms pancake syrup to go with our egg white scramble that morning! my class was canceled cause of the holiday, so we went to my parent’s church on the other side of town.

my granny was also hosting an easter egg hunt for our family at her house, so late saturday night i whipped up the easiest thing i could find for the kiddos!  sugar-free Pillsbury brownies.


i split the batter up into two round pans and morphed it into a bunny ‘cake’. ¬†remember those!? i made them a few times when i was living at home with my ‘rents. i used cake then, though.


i used the rest of a tub of white icing and some ¬†sprinkles; luckily they were ¬†Easter colors! ¬† when i got to my granny’s house sunday, my cousin found me some jelly beans so i could give Bugs a face. ¬†i hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend, however you celebrated:)


yesterday’s IG collage just after teaching my early class….

so¬†when the rain comes, not if…. get in the habit of going straight to God, every time. He has every single answer to every single problem we will ever have. ¬†just a reminder ūüėČ

speaking of IG, my girl @jazzythings posted her own pic of these cookies i made below after she found the recipe via Pinterest. she made them look SO darn good!! good enough to make me  finally crack open the garbanzo beans that have been sitting in my pantry for weeks! the verdict?


¬†are you kidding me? these are what’s hot in the streets!!! i don’t like being fooled into eating/making something that looks insanely delicious only to make it myself and be highly disappointed. that has happened more times than not on IG!!!! which is why i am taking my time with these ebook recipes to ensure that they not only look good, but taste FANTASTIC. ¬†ok, back to these cookies that i was super skeptical about. ¬†¬†well, i’m driving the bandwagon now! see for yourself:

peanut butter chocolate chick cookies

the stuff:

2 cans chickpeas (garbanzo beans), rinsed and patted dry

1/2 cup chocolate PB2 (can sub full-fat peanut butter )

2 tsp vanilla

1 tsp butter extract

1/4 cup honey (or your fave sweetener)

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips (or’s up to you!)

do this:

1. rinse and dry the chickpeas, then put them in to your food processor

2. add the honey, vanilla and butter extracts, and PB2 (mixed with water or unsweetened vanilla almond milk into a pb-like paste first)

3. blend until SMOOTH.  dump it all out into a mixing bowl, then fold in the dark chocolate chips.

4. spray your pan with no-stick cooking spray and form/roll into balls by hand. i made about 24 small ones!  bake them for 10-12 minutes in a 350 deg oven.



me: ‘hey, Chiso….cookie?’


moving on, i am UUUUBER excited about these ebooks, seriously! i’m cooking and eating, eating and cooking all day every day to make sure the recipes turn out PERFECT. ¬†just a teaser!


here are the sweet balsamic baked chicken breasts from monday’s night’s meal prep:


they were for Sonny’s lunches for the next few days. during his lunch yesterday though, he felt the need to call and tell me how tasty this new flavor combo is, whoop whoop!


just one of his:  raw carrots, creamy, ripe avocado, roasted brussels sprouts, and cherry tomatoes went alongside the chicken breast.

and fyi, he is now back on the competition trail for a few summer shows and i’m excited for him!!!!!!

yesterday, i went ahead and tried my hand at another favorite of mine that i don’t have often-¬†

healthy, clean, Cajun shrimp n grits bay-beee!!!!!


ok, that’s enough teasers for one post.


i’m glad i have this little taste tester around to help me ūüôā

last thing- two more Fit Foodies have signed up to run in the Green 6.2 at the end of this month!!!! ¬† do you see it over there in the side bar? ¬†again, if you’d like to run with us, email me, like right now! ¬†the price goes up the closer the race date gets. ¬†!

Q: have you ever used chickpeas to make dessert?


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  1. You have no ideal how much I look forward to seeing you new post pop up in my inbox! I’m currently 7 months pregnant and am an absolute foodie. I so enjoy looking at your food post and am super excited about the cook book! Once I have this baby I will be asking a million fitness questions but until then ill enjoy this foodie-yum-yum! Thanks again!!!! ūüėĄ


    • first, CONGRATS on your soon-to-be bundle of pure joy, and 2nd, thank you for this big, goofy grin on my face Natasha!! i appreciate your sweet message; how thoughtful of you. thank you sincerely for sharing and for keeping up with me ūüôā and when you’re ready with those fitness questions, so am i! much love, boo!


      • My excitement for your ebooks is increasing every day gaaahhh all your hard work is going to make my tummy so happy!! I tried making this chickpea dessert awhile ago for a party I went to and everyone loved them (and had no idea it was made with chickpeas ha!) It was a raw cookie dough mix. Just blended chickpeas and PB2 mix and I added some chocolate chips to top them off. Who knew!


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