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dress rehearsal

every time i wanna sit down and make a quick post i have to get right back up!!!  this is super late and should have been spread over the last few days, but you know the rest 🙄 anywaaaaay, dress rehearsal for the show went down this past weekend. TALK ABOUT NERVOUS. omg.  i do think i got some of the pre-show jitters out though. some of them. even though we didn’t walk the actual stage, walking in front of a crowd and the judges was as close to the real thing as i could have gotten.  and again, it was nerve-racking enough.

 don’t wanna spoil my outfits just yet, but here are just a few shots from the day:

of course my posing coach, Christine, was there doin her thing.

here are some of the muscle heads posing with EVERYTHING they had, my goodness. they were dripping with sweat like they were working out.  tough stuff.

yep, that’s it. every other pic had either me or another competitor in it and i don’t wanna ruin it for them either.  you’ll see them in upcoming posts, promise.

 it’s over, and i survived. and will have to do it again. for real, this time. i’m super-duper excited and ready to see all the smiling faces that keep telling me they are coming to the show!!!!!  even if you can’t be there physically, thank you all for READING, putting up with my moods via my posts and just keeping up with my journey in general thus far.  THANK YOU.  oh, and i should prolly announce:

😯 my hubby, Sonny is doing the show too!!!!! 😯

WE have been training for about 15 weeks now and will both take the stage on our 5th wedding anniversary THIS Saturday, September 15th.  i am so ready to just ENJOY the entire experience with him along with the support of our friends and family.   i know it will be a mighty long day and weekend but i’m ready to DO THIS…together.

people have been asking me how it has been training under the same roof.  i’ve been telling them that Sonny pretty much feels like my roommate at this point.  because of Chiso, i usually wake up über early to get my workouts in then we switch shifts and he goes in the evenings after work.  however by the time he gets home, Chi and i are knocked OUT.  so, i kinda miss by husband and would like him back.

food prep is of course x’s 2, and as much as i loved doing it, i’d like a break now please and thank you!  i used the heck outta my  food scale, that’s for darn sure.  money well spent.

i might surprise you and myself and get a post out this weekend (di…did you just giggle?) but if not, i will DEFINITELY be tweeting pics from the show all day long, so be sure to check them out in the sidebar, ok!

here’s a quick recap:

in addition to rehearsal, saturday was also my last leg workout until the show.  i was NOT mad at that!

if you don’t have a heart rate monitor yet, INVEST IN ONE. i’m telling you.  check out my post on burning fat for reference on my particular Polar model. if you’re gonna workout, do it right for maximum results.

what Sonny’s been eating this week- salmon.  i roasted some for him and tried a few different seasonings on the fillets:

lemon pepper and parsley,

 Walden Farms pancake syrup, garlic & onion powder, and parsley. awesome combo.

please forgive me but presentation is out the windown this week.  15 min in a 450 deg oven.  fresh salmon is sky high this week! so sonny got the frozen kind *turns up nose*

we are also eating plenty of asparagus this week as well.  why? (if i hear this one more time i’ll scream lol)  cause it’s a natural diuretic!! helps with releasing water from your body so we’ll look nice and tight for show day.

Sonny was asked to emcee a wedding for a college buddy of ours in sunny San Diego this past weekend.  i SOOOOOO wanted to go for a quick weekend trip, but this training schedule, the rehersal, and the mad long list of things to pay for pertaining to this event (x’s 2, WHEW) would not allow it.  so, Chi and i paid my bro, his uncle, a visit for the weekend.

 i got up early sunday morning and made breakfast for us. ready for more variety? yeah, me too. 🙄

since uncle Thew has no high chair and i was NOT packing that thing up in the car, Chiso had to sit in a regular seat like a big boy.  i just knew he would not stay put, but he surprised me and did a great job.  the entire time!

we ran a few errands after breakfast but i still needed to get my workout in for the day.  while i did my cardio, Chi and Matt spent some QT in the City Centre court yard, right outside my gym.  i appreciated that cause Chi was nice and tired when we got home. *high-five*

in City Centre stealing kisses! i have to nowadays cause he blocks them, *tear*:(

my silly boy!

 still have more catching up to do.  laterrrrrs


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  1. All the very best this weekend Leah! Thank you for letting us in on your journey, I don’t know how you do it all. You’re truly inspiring!


  2. Wow the big weekend!! How exciting for you both 🙂 I’m nervous for you and I’m not even in it lol…it’s been so great following your journey!! Can’t wait to see the pics. What is going to be your celebratory meal 😉 haha


    • LOL, Ada!! thank you so much for reading:) pics are on the way! and girl since im on vaca i have had one too many celebratory meals already, hahaha! let’s just say i have been reunited with the dairy food group!!


  3. You two look great! I’m sure you will do well! Good luck to you both and congrats for being sooooo dedicated! Can’t wait to read about the details! I’ve enjoyed your blog!


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