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almost doesn’t count

Saturday morning started with a much-needed posing session!  i met with my coach, Christine, and she took video of me this time which reeeeeeally helps me see what the judges will see.  still working.  so grateful for that and for her!

we had a sweet sunday and visited my parent’s church this morning.  we did the family thang in our green :mrgreen:

after an active rest day yesterday, i had a ton of energy and was ready to kill it in the gym for leg day.  i so wanted to get up super early and go do my cardio outside before church so i could devote my gym time later to legs only, but it just didn’t happen that way!  had to do both in one trip, no biggie.

heeeeeeey 😛

normally i’m in the gym for 1 hour, tops.

i was on the stairmaster, pumped, and well on my way to burning 1K cals when suddenly i heard over the loud speaker:

‘leah, you are needed in the child center, leah, you are needed in the child center.’

CRAP!!! i was soooooooooo close!!

i try not to always think of the worst thing possible when something like that happens, but as i scurried off of that thing and ran downstairs i prayed whatever happened was minor.  i flew open the door to the child center and was greeted by 6 employees standing around staring at me.  it was quiet as a mouse.   i looked past them and in the distance for Chiso and asked ‘is everything ok??’

employee # 1 said, ‘oh yeah, everything’s fine.’  employee #2 turns to employee #3 and with his fists clenched and arms in the air exclaims, ‘no more kids, we can go home now!!’ employee #1 turns to me and calmly states, ‘we closed at 4, ma’am.’

clearly it was 4:15 😳 .  i missed the warning messages that the center was closing AND the 3 subsequent calls for me after 4pm. i told yall i was GETTIN’ IT today!!!

afterwards, we hit up HEB to get some stuff for the week.  the usual- more brown rice, fresh fruit, frozen veggies, and meat.

i wandered past the bulk spice isle and i’ll revisit it again soon.  i have way too many of those McCormick bottles at home to be buying any more seasoning right now!

i did pick this up though- loooove this stuff on my turnip greens instead of regular white vinegar!  Bragg’s raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar, good stuff.

welp, monday is here again. already.  let’s do this- full speed ahead!


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