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core work – part I

because breaking the post up into parts means NO, i am totally not done!!

i had no idea how popular TRX  was/is.  your gym may or may not have it, no biggie. there are two main pieces of equipment:

the suspension belt:

and it’s connected to this contraption:

i’m just now catching up with it, and you guessed it, i hate it 😆  i had my first taste of TRX about 3 weeks ago while working out with a competitor friend of mine at 24 hour fitness.  it’s hardcore suspension training using your own body weight.  just after 3 sets of  10 ‘pushups/peaks/tucks’ (that’s what i’ll call it for now), i felt soreness in my entire torso for the rest of the week.  every laugh, cough, twist and turn was a swift reminder of my 1st TRX date.

try them:

facing downward, put your feet in the straps and get into a pushup position.

complete the pushup, (both arms come to a 90 deg angle) and go immediately into a ‘peak’ by lifting your glutes into the air and keeping your legs straight and your back as flat as possible.

then, go right back to starting/plank position by lowering your glutes and complete the ‘tuck’ by pulling your knees super close to your chest. keep your knees and feet close together.

that’s one! do 10 in a row for starters, and add on the stronger you become.  you will get stronger… just keep doing them, i promise.

don’t have one of these fancy contraptions at home?  me neither!

use a yoga ball.

here are a couple exercises i have added to my routine recently to get this 6 pack going!

 peaks and tucks w/ the ball:

(start in a high plank)

you don’t have to do the pushup if ya don’t want to, IMO. i’m such a slacker.

peak (remember, keep your back flat, not rounded- clearly i need to work on that)

aaaand tuck. 3 sets of 10

twist ups:

( yoga ball or a medicine ball will do.) start out with your body flat, legs out into a V, and the ball overhead btw your hands.

engage your core and sit up nice and tall keep the ball directly in front of you.

keep sucking it in!! now, twist the ball to the left or right,

then back to the center, and back to starting position. repeat, and hit up the other side.

make sure you get a nice, deep, significant twist.

v sit ups w/ yoga ball:

start on your back and stretch your arms over head while clutching the yoga ball in btw your feet/ankles.

form the ‘v’ by bringing your limbs up toward the ceiling, and passing the ball to your hands from your feet.  pull your bellybutton into your spine and keep your limbs straight the entire time.

take the ball in your hands and extend your body back to the starting position.  on the next one, pass the ball back to your feet and repeat.

elbow rolls:

up on your toes, elbows on ball, plank position.

extend your elbows out as far as possible- this IS a tough one, it’s not just you!! then, using your core, pull the ball back to you and keep that nice solid plank. i fell multiple times- you gotta fight to keep your balance.

i promise i moved!!! doesn’t take much to feel those AT ALL.  3 sets of 10

 incorporate some of these moves for a stronger core and chiseled mid-section.

heading to bed- super early AM workout tomorrow, as usual!


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  1. Alright Leah!! This is straight motivation right here!! I did the exercise with the yoga ball passing it back forth from hand to feet and LAWD!! I need to see where TRX is done in BR so I can try it!! Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!!


  2. And remember people…you can buy the TRX rope and connect it to any door frame in seconds! Good stuff peanut!


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