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mid-week holiday?  i’ll take it!  Sonny and i both got our workouts in super early.

then, we finally made it to the


after being rained out several times in the past few weeks, we finally got some swimming in.  it even took us two attempts in one day, goodness.  we pulled up to the pool earlier in the afternoon and it really started coming down:( so, we went back home and tried again a few hours later.


like it never even rained.

i’m so grateful to God for family time and holiday memories.

Chi having his fav snack afterwards 🙂  and NO, we didn’t have any bbq’d nothin 🙄

but i hope you did!! how did you celebrate your hump day holiday?

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  1. awwww!! I can’t tell you enough how darn cute Chiso is….that body tho lol!! .I am glad that you all had fun!! My bae and I went to Gulfport, MS to the premimum outlets to shop! We had to stay in the store because a monsoon came down….but afterwards we went to Fridays to eat…there is no Friday’s in Baton Rouge so we enjoyed it! Next stop Essence Music Fest!!


    • lol, Casey- thanks!! good times, but pigging out would have been the icing on the cake, hahaha. i hope yall found some good buys! have a GREAT time at the festival, i’m so jealous!!


  2. I had a good 4th, didn’t attend any parties or anything, I did however, attend noon day bible study and had a good nap. Enjoyed bbq at Gabbys with my Grandmother and my Princess Morgan. Good times! Looks like you guys had a good time as well, I’m sure Chi was exhausted after that good swim.


    • family time is such a blessing, LaKisha! sounds like you had an extremely blessed 4th as well. and yep, we couldn’t even get Chi in the carseat good before he clocked out. thank you so much for sharing!


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