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yesterday was the day. bikini day.  my trainer told me the previous week that i would need to bring one with me so we could check my progress so far.   all i could think about was ‘somebody get me a razor’ 😆

i am officially 12 weeks out from the show.  a gigantic inspiration and fellow blogger friend of mine,  Nichola, opened my eyes to just how much time we have left! 😯 please read about her transformation from 170 lbs to competing in her first figure competition last month!!  AMAZING.  all this time i’ve been saying ‘September’ which makes the show sound light years away.

i was super anxious to hear my results.  see the chart below.  do you know where you fall??

body fat stats (%)



very lean















don’t know? well, whip out your caliper.  kidding, you can find it at home using a scale, measuring tape, and a calculator.  try it.

**2 week results**

5lbs and 2% body fat down, + several inches all over.  although my biceps are going the wrong way , booooo

161.5 lbs ———-to———->156.5 lbs

21.9% bf———-to———->19.8% bf

hips 39.5 ———to———->35.5

abs 31———-to———->27.75

neck 12———-to———->11.5

chest 35———-to———->32.5

bicep 11———-to———->10.5

forearm 9.5———-to———->9.5

thigh 21 ———-to———->20.5

calf 15———-to———->14.25

i’m still 5’10”. see my before pics here.  and ignore my ghetto tan..i ran in the sun like 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t faded. currently:

give mommy a minute, Chiso, please

for real, i’m almost done, Chiso, really

OK, last one, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

clearly that baby was ready to nurse and we were playing around.

bikini pics before my workout.

my trainer says i need to hit my abs way harder and he’s right.  will just keep working.

how do i feel?  i’m happy to report that my sugar cravings have pretty much subsided… almost completely.  i can’t tell you how happy i am about that.  HOWEVER, i now feel like a typical preggo woman cause i’m craving fatty foods like pizza, fries, cheeseburgers, lasagna, and mac n cheese. and  i didn’t crave a thing when i was preggo!

it’s sunday so i’m in the kitchen prepping our meals for tomorrow and tuesday. i don’t make them too far in advance cause 1) these things take up a crap load of space in the fridge, and 2) food poisoning is not cool and i can’t afford to get sick at this stage in the game.  better safe than sorry!

heading out for some more family QT today- have a BLESSED rest of your day as we get ready for another week!


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  1. Your progress stats for 2 weeks are off the chain!! Very inspiring 🙂 Abs have been a weak area of mine as well…darn genetics…


    • well thank you, Ada! i have just been skipping the abs, hahahaha! after my cardio i’m ready to get up outta the gym and go home 😆 smh! i’ll do better though- you too!


  2. Girl, shut up why do we weigh the same! My arms and legs are toned I just need to get my core work in gear! Thanks for being my motivation! No Kelly Rowland thought! lol


  3. Leah do you still have time to teach your exercise classes? When next I’m home, will have to come by and get motivated !!! You look great.


    • i sure do! helps me keep up with the weekly cardio i have to get in. i definitely use them to my advantage. please don’t hesistate to come burn some cals with me!! thanks, Vanessa!


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