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it’s a choice

i’m focusing on the positives of this journey.  i have to. i usually feel like quitting just before my next meal when i’m at my weakest and hungry.  i think of every excuse in the book not to go through with this thing during those moments. 😐 so, i choose to focus on what makes me happy, and not sulk over the fact that i can’t eat any of my fav foods right now.  i’ve been told over and over again that this is a mental process.  mind over matter.

 although food prep is A LOT of darn work, the whole process of preparing, balancing, and piecing our meals together lifts my spirits every single time.  my heart belonged to the kitchen before i started on my bodybuilding journey, and thankfully that won’t change.  i just can’t pick off of and snack on everything like i used to!

1 oz of this, two cups of that…

my big bro and his appetite came over to watch the game last night.  he opened the fridge and was transported to Le Fit Foods for a second.   because i already have our food portioned perfectly and ready to go in the fridge, that = no leftovers.  i got rid of or gave away all the tempting snack food we usually eat, so i knew i would have to cook up something from scratch for him.

hello, spaghetti, my long time friend.  i used 85/15 ground turkey (it’s cheaper and he could use the fat anyway lol), fresh tomatoes, a little canned garlic and herb sauce (will make my own in the future- YES i am now too good for canned sauce),  cilantro, onions, and garlic.  and i added a little something special to my sauce- have you tried this flavor yet?!

it has a smoky taste and makes the sauce so creamy.

i’m glad i ate my own dinner first- it smelled darn good.

i  served it over some whole wheat pasta.  who won the game? i went to bed 😆


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  1. Holy moly I’m making that soon!!! It looks soooo good! Thanks for sharing Leah. This eating right is so hard but I’m soooo happy I’m making progress and on my way to losing this gut and butt!!


  2. lol! at Casey! I am working on the same thing…losing my gut and butt!
    @Leah I love your blog! It is so helpful to me. I am slowing transitioning into eating better. Thanks a bunch! 🙂


  3. No! I have not tried that but now I have to… I know just how you feel while standing on the edge of yet another decision to keep pushing yourself. I just started with strength training so I L.O.V.E. reading about your journey. Thanks for sharing!


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