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if not now, when?

and just like that, the weekend is gone 😦

it’s june. 6 months just passed. we are halfway into 2012 already.  seems like i just started this blog, man.   how are your new year’s resolutions holding up?  i vowed to say ‘NO’ more often and do a better job of sticking up for myself.  that’s not going so well.  you?  don’t want to talk about it? ok, i’ll change the subject.

this is a pic i took at schlitterbahn water park back in 2008.

 if only i had kept going.  going where?

well, after much, much prayer and an extremely insane amount of  late night talks with Sonny, i have decided to pursue a lifetime goal of mine.  if not now, when? i know i will be put to the ultimate test.  matter fact, i had one just yesterday.  for the first time (literally, ever) i visited the bulk bins in both Whole Foods and HEB and did not snack. i mean i put absolutely nothing in my mouth on both trips.   i also went to a birthday party for my neighbor’s son and the menu consisted of good ol party food of course- french fries, wings, chicken spaghetti, chili dogs, candy, cake and ice cream.  fabulous party. (happy birthday, LJ!!) however,  i didn’t eat any.  nothing.  i watched Chiso chow down on those french fries and i didn’t lose it. this is how i know in my heart how serious i am about pursing this goal. yesterday proved that.  what the heck am i talking about already!?!?



161 lbs

21 % body fat

right now.

my ultimate goal is to compete in my first Ms. Bikini Musclemania show by THIS september 15th, (our FIFTH wedding anniversary, WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!) 2012.  only God knows why i waited so long to do this, but i am moving with the quickness and not looking back.  i met with my trainer and have received my meal plan and workout schedule as of this weekend.  i had second thoughts about blogging about it, but it is now apart of my life- no way i could leave this out.  also,  i know it will only hold me even more accountable which is what i need right now.  cause ummmmmmmmmmm…sugar withdrawls are kicking in and i can’t tell you how discouraged i feel already.  i snapped at Sonny all day.  it’s one thing to not realize you’re doing something and have it (lovingly, hopefully) brought it to your attention, but i hear myself snapping and acting crabby and it’s like i can’t control it!   everything irritates me, no matter what.  sugar addition is REAL.  very much so.   yesterday was a true challenge, but it set me off on the right foot.  i CAN handle the pressures of sugar and eventually it won’t overpower me like it used to.

putting all those empty cool whip containers to use, smh!  meal prep action.  preparation is definitely key in this arena.  boy i was a sugar SLAVE!!!  i justified the cool whip by telling myself  ‘hey, at least it’s not ice cream.’ unfortunately there are way more tubs  😦


my mentor has advised me to blog about this experience as i will need an outlet to get me through these next few months.  so… will my blog’s focus shift just a little bit? yeah, just a little!  i started this thing to help and show people how to LIVE, eat, and be healthier- that won’t change.  with God’s grace i’ll still be cooking up healthy meals for my guys,  working, and being the best wife, mother, and healthy example i can possibly be.  expect the normal posts to keep right on coming, but i’ll also keep you updated on my progress as my body changes and i prepare for this new venture.  well, it’s out there now…no turning back.

 i know you have goals and dreams… please share them.


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  1. Congrats Leah!! I am sure you will do great! I told you that you were my motivation!

    Currently I’m 5’1.5″ tall 145.6 lbs and um I am not sure how much body fat I have but since I started my weight loss journey a week and a half ago I’ve lost 8lbs!!

    My goal is to lose 15-18 more lbs. I have not had a coke in three weeks and I’ve majorly kicked up my water! I’ve started to eat until I’m satisfied and I feel such a great difference. At work the “itis” no longer hits me and I’m not eating sweets or caffeine to wake me up! I hope to lose the weight by August!!


    • Casey look at you GO! i am over here beaming just reading about your awesome progress!!! girl trust me, at this rate you will reach so far beyond your goal by August, you better believe it! the smallest changes make the biggest difference. keep doing what you’re doing and thank YOU for the inspiration to keep going 🙂


  2. u is crazy mama Chi! But I LOVE it!!!!! you are soo sexy girl, can I come and watch? I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!1


  3. Wow!! BIG kudos to you Leah 🙂 I have been playing with the idea of training for a fitness competition for the longest, but I get cold feet or just underestimate my discipline. I look forward to following your journey…maybe I might bite the bullet. Wish you nothing but the best!!


    • same here, Ada, same here. i talked myself out of it every single time, smh. if it is for you, well then i hope this serves as your wake up call, girl! you CAN do it. thank you tons for the well wishes 🙂


  4. Now I feel even worse about that pizza and white chocolate mocha I just devoured. LOL. Go get it! You’re for real an inspiration. I pretty much check your blog every day. My goals? Gonna start a “for real” training plan tomorrow for a 10K later this summer and (Lord help me) the half marathon that’s part of the LA Marathon in March. I’ve been running a lot lately so it’s time I set some goals. This is the first time I’ve posted this for the public so now I gotta keep my word. Your blog keeps me focused though! Best wishes!


    • DON’T you feel bad over there for one second, Michelle!!! i’m still pushing the ‘everything in moderation’ philosophy…i’ll always stick by that. my diet will change just for a few weeks, but best believe i can’t wait to get back to my precious cheese 🙂 and yep- when you open up to the world, you GOTTA own up to it. if blogging has taught me anything, i’ve definitely learned that lesson! GOOD LUCK and know that you can do it. go for it, girl.


  5. Wooow!! I admire your courage chica. From one sugar lover to another–chunking duece to the white powder (sugar) is an intimidating prospect! Major props to you. Over the years i’ve gotten better at resisting temptations, but i’d be lying to myself if i said it wasn’t a major achilles heel in my quest for good health and fitness. your blog and daily healthy living has helped motivate me to run a marathon in october (pray for me gurl :-). thank you for being so open and such an inspiration!!! good luck!!


    • intimidating to say the least, Claribell. seems sugar is darn near everywhere and in everything! this show will change a lot of things for me starting with loosening the chains of white powder. so dramatic 🙂

      i’m thrilled to hear about this marathon girl- heck that’s on my to-do list also lol! train hard and knock it out like i know you can- that finish line awaits you!!


  6. I wish you nothing but the best. You have it in you, and you have a great support system. Very proud of you. You are a great inspiration to us all. Keep it up. Oh, I tried the kale salad, but I subed the cranberries for oranges and strawberries and i tell you that salad was great. I was so surprised that i liked as much as I did, even my husband was like I could eat this once a week and not be mad about it. Thanks Leah, I guess its time to try some more recipes.


  7. You are an inspiration. Im definitely trying to eat healthy and work out (and encourage my mom to do the same)! Keep blogging! Love it!


  8. Leah, you know you and Sonny are my fitness role models and inspiration. And it’s way NOT too late for you to follow your dream. I couldn’t be more proud of you! But you gotta tell my why do y’all use so much cool whip? Never mind, I’m 50 and still feel like I’m too young to know! LOL!


    • LOL!!! unfortunately the cool whip was all me:( moderation went out the window once i cracked that tub open!

      you always did believe there was so much MORE for me in this industry- thank you for your support, talks, advice, and encouragement. JHB is now in progress, haha!!


  9. You have inspired me to get “my operation body back”! I had a baby 2 1/2 mths ago and I am so ready to get back in the gym!


  10. Ah, so exciting! If not now, then when – i absolutely love that.
    There are so many people saying things like \’one day..\’ why wait? just DO it!

    I\’m doing my first competition next year, i live in holland and we only have a few competitions – but i know i\’ll be more then ready by then!

    Curious about following your journey


    • isn’t procrastination the worst thing ever 😦 kudos to you, Fitnessgall, for setting your goal and going for it. i wish you ALL the best! thanks so much for keeping up with me!


  11. Leah I admire your inspiration, admiration, and welcoming spirit; its people like you that helps others put a new leash on life. I love FOOD, God knows I do, and I love fitness and to watch you in the fainted distance, your ambition to maintain a life, family, and career yet enjoy the essence of God’s wonderful creations inspires me to do and make my life parallel to those aspects as well. Every time someone speaks about food, no lie, I refer to your blog LOL. I wish you all the BEST and GOOD LUCK on your newest adventure I can’t wait to read about your updates on this. YOU ROCK!!! POW LOL!!!!



    • Sharonda you are the sweetest lil thing 🙂 as always, thank you dearly for your support, your beautiful spirit, and for those beautiful words, wow. i’m gonna do my best- it’s notes like yours that help me keep going for sure!!!


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