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mindfull behavior

i love my family.  they love me back. they love me so much they like to give me large quantities of sweets all at once.

Sonny went to a b-day party for our cousin recently, and the next morning i walked downstairs to this on my kitchen island.

‘what? you love cake.’  **face-palm**

 over time i realized that i lose focus around large quantities of ANYTHING, sweet or not.

33.5 oz of gold fish.  thanks,  Aunt Hazel 🙂

i came home to Papas bbq yesterday- ribs, chicken, cheesecake, and potato salad.  and i haven’t even started on the office donuts, kolaches, cupcakes………………. it’s hard out here.

 on my last shopping trip, i bought a big bag of crisp, colorful bell peppers and some garden salad. i didn’t let Papas take me down- i took that bbq chicken breast, shredded it,  and made another garden salad for lunch today with cherry tomatoes and yellow bell peps.  also had some hummus too.

    we don’t always finish those big salad bags before they spoil, so i’ve been making Sonny and i salads for lunch and/or  dinner every day since this weekend.  no more wasting of the funds!  i also got some of these 100 calorie almond butter packets. i see them all the time and bought one- pleasantly surprised!

i got a few maple and a few honey flavored ones.  they taste GREAT on my La Tortilla Factory low-cal high fiber 50 cal tortillas.  spread some on and microwave it for 10 secs. sweet, warm, doughy goodness.

NOW, on to the good stuff- how to punch sugar cravings in the face and tips to maintain better control of your appetite!!!

  • don’t drink your calories.  smoothie yes, soda/sugar-filled juice NO.  i am not a fan of drinking water when i’m not thirsty. i just don’t like it and never have.  so i use these:

calorie-free flavored water.  crystal light pink lemonade is my fav.  they got a little crazy as there are waaaay too many flavor combos to pick from nowadays, really.  surely you’ll find something you like.

  • don’t even bring (chips, cookies, candy = JUNK) in the house.  you can’t eat it if it’s not there.   and yes you can just go buy it smarty pants but you have plenty of time to think about that decision on your way to the car.  chances are you won’t even get that far though.  this one is hard if you have kiddos, but i have a solution for that too, just keep reading.

  • eat your meals on smaller plates.  that makes so much sense, huh.  even if it doesn’t, it works.  the smaller the plate, the less food you put on it.  it’s not mandatory that you fill your plate until you can’t tell what color it is.  always start with round one and see how you feel after that.  if you can eat more, fill round two with more veggies.

  • stop the ‘clean your plate’ mentality.  even if you put the correct portions on your plate, that still doesn’t mean you have to eat every last morsel.  eat until you are satisfied, not sleepy.  changing the way you’ve done something your entire life is hard as HECK.   i ate this way my entire childhood and most of my adult life.  lifestyle changes don’t happen over night though.

  • that’s how i feel after a workout.  stop eating so fast.  it takes about 20 min for your food to reach your stomach.  if you scarf down a big plate in 10 min, still feel hungry, and scarf down another one, hello ITIS (that sleepy, sluggish feeling after a heavy meal) and hello way too many cals in one sitting.   how do you stop that?  don’t let yourself get so hungry!!!  smaller meals throughout the day prevents this…but that’s a whole nother post right there.  ok come back and focus- if you’ve got the time, slow down, chew, enjoy your food, and listen to your body.

  • chew some gum or drink some water- it’s proven to ward off sweet cravings and hunger in general.   besides, you could really be thirsty anyway.  i think we all know somebody that chews like that.

  • sometimes you just need to be satisfied, you know?  you don’t need the whole piece of cake- a handful of chocolate chips or a small square of chocolate could kill your craving completely.  i highly recommend those by the way^^

  • when grocery shopping (for the kiddos especially), buy 1 ‘treat’ each trip, never several at a time.  just ONE. even if you buy several and only open one bag at a time, it’s just not imperative to store junk food in your house. what for?  wean yourself off of it gradually.  remember, fill your family with  good, wholesome, healthy stuff.  i didn’t say the babies couldn’t have cookies, don’t be like that.  the point is,  better choices now mean better choices later when they’re on their own.  start them off on the right foot and give them the good stuff more often than not.

  • obnoxious, isn’t it.  #teamiPhone, whoop, whoop.  eat more natural, fresh fruit.  white sugar ( found in candy, processed foods) =  empty calories and brings on CRAZY cravings for more.  it’s true!!!  the fiber present in REAL 100% fruit slows the absorption of sugar so you don’t get those high sugar rushes and can maintain control of your appetite.

Q: how MUCH should i eat???? so glad i found this thing, it’s perfect.  study it and apply it.

i know..breaks my heart too.  wake up call, indeed. how do YOU measure up?

how do you deal with large quantities of FREE food at home, work, or social events?


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  1. How do you bring home more cake than was eaten? lol

    I used to not eat all my food when I was little. It was an accomplishment when I finally could and now I have to reverse all of that. :/ I do love my fruits though!


    • in our cousins defense, there were multiple cakes at his party, lol.
      and take your eating habits all in stride Sunshyne- you’ve already knocked one goal out; keep going ! 😉


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