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grocery q&a

i set out to run a 10k today and did what i could.

it was hot though. this hot:

i hope you got in some good gym or running time today too!!

if you haven’t taken a stab at naming this smoothie yet, get on it, come ooooooon.  i’ll be picking a winner this Friday, June 8th.  sooooo many creative names to choose from so far though, goodness!  can you guess what the prize is?

don’t you hate when people do that? k i’ll stop.

did you see what i had for lunch today? i tweet what i eat often, even if i don’t make an actual blog post.  so look under Twitter Updates (on the right side bar of the page over there) when you come see me!  i’ll help you out just this once:

i’ve received a few questions concerning grocery shopping – i’ll answer them right right now.

Q: how much do you spend and how often do you go!?

A: i usually visit HEB, Walmart, Sams, and Whole Foods.  every now and then i’ll visit Central Market for specialty items and prepared foods only, not real grocery shopping.   i’ll hit HEB and Walmart 2 or 3 times (beginning, mid month, and a quick stop) and Sams and WF once a month for bulk items (nuts,  cheeses, meats, etc).  i get all my fresh produce at HEB, and a majority of my frozen veggies come from Walmart cause they are the cheapest there.  since Chiso doesn’t eat a lot yet, he doesn’t really count as a 3rd person nor does he affect our grocery budget much at all.  fresh fruits and veggies go quick and last just about two weeks, if that.  so ok, YES i’m in HEB more like 3-4 times cause i just love it there, but Sonny and i sat down and agreed on 250 for the month.  and yep, i easily stay under that.

Q: do you seriously eat healthy all the time? do you ever buy junk food?

A: heavens no.  Sonny loves oreos, juice, and soda, and im a sweets fanatic.  however, i don’t buy it all at once though. why? cause we’ll eat it all at once.  i buy one or two snacks per shopping trip,  never a basket-full.  it’s either oreos or juice, but not both. (i have a ‘how to deal with sugar cravings’ post in the works riiiight now.)

super quick tips before i let you go:

    • stick to your list, use coupons,  and don’t go when you’re hungry. love, mom.  she’s right.
  • the good stuff (whole, natural, fresh) foods should always outweigh the not so good stuff (processed foods, sweets). take a long hard look at your grocery items as you put them on the belt to be rang up.
    • stop buying unhealthy stuff just cause they (kids, hubby, family members) love it.  Chiso would eat gerber graduate snacks for meals all day long if i let him.  that reasoning should never suffice when it comes to the health of your family. i do the grocery shopping and cooking in my household, so i’m in charge of feeding my family healthy, nutritious foods for their optimal health.  you have the power- fill them up with GOOD stuff.
  • put something new in your basket.  i’m convinced people turn their nose up at something different cause they’ve never had it before!  just cause it looks weird doesn’t mean it tastes weird.  everything won’t be a home run, but if you don’t try it you’ll never know.   stop speeding by that egg-plant (or whatever it may be)- put it in your basket and take it home with you this time.  you just might like it.

lastly, i entered the lottery for the 2013 Aramco Half Marathon today!!! been waiting 6 months on this thing to open up.

i’ll keep my fingers crossed.  my best 10k time was around 53 minutes, but i needed to finish under 51 and some change to automatically qualify for this race, shucks. *kicks rocks*

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  1. how do you stay under $250? we have the same budget and i use coupons when i can but i go over not by much but still because i run out of something always.

    oh and when is there another regular 5k? i am halfway there to running one now just as part of my workout routine. I plan on doing either the beach dash or jailbreak run in October but I need something now to work towards.


    • OH dang!! I’m special! If only I had looked at the blog more carefully. I see the next one is Father’s day but I wouldn’t run that day anyway. So I guess my original question stands. Smh…..


  2. When heating my dishes in the oven at 450 degrees, my pan tends to begin folding out of shape. What brand pans do you use?


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