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‘you must be on a diet huh’

exclaimed the cashier after ringing up my groceries. #truestory.   no boo!  this is how we LIVE.

this is pretty much what my cart looks like after a quick visit to the grocery store.  not the big ‘we-are-out-of -EVERYTHING’ trip, but i can stretch this for two weeks, max. what i have here:

  • 2% cottage cheese – protein snack
  • brown rice (microwaved kind- forget that pot)
  • fresh fruit- buy whatever is on sale. it’s almost summer so you have a lot to choose from. this week, i got us strawberries and blueberries.  and you know bananas are always cheap!
  • fresh, frozen veggies (sweet potatoes, spinach)
  • whole eggs
  • egg whites
  • ‘i can’t believe it’s not butter’ spray butter – for popcorn, our omelettes, and cooking in general. sometimes the butter flavor satisfies your craving. sometimes.
  • La Tortilla Factory whole wheat/white low-cal high fiber tortillas- for breakfast tacos, quesadillas, w/ pb2 for a snack, homemade tortilla chips.. only 50 cals for 1!
  • dry ranch dressing mix for seasoning my chicken, fish, pork, potatoes, etc.  i seriously need to check Sams so i can buy this in bulk.

   i normally don’t cook on friday night (a rule i stole from my mom) so i don’t know what got into me.  for dinner i made a colorful ragu with lean ground turkey and paired it with some quinoa.

then i instagramed it up.  are you following me on Instagram????


now fast forward to sunday- i made this FANTASTIC smoothie tonight!!  do NOT let the color fool you. although i’m sure by now you’ve seen a green smoothie somewhere.

half a banana

3/4th cup frozen chopped spinach

1 tsp sugar-free vanilla pudding mix

1 scoop protein powder

1 cup almond milk (add more if needed, but not too much!)


SWEET, creamy, and dreamy!  and most important, GOOD for you.  and stop making that face cause if i hadn’t told you there was spinach in there you wouldn’t have known.

oooo it was JUST what i needed after my quick two mile run.  i usually drink my smoothies from my fav mug, but i needed to show off that beautiful color. now,  what can i call this thing?? suggestions??

*** help me name this smoothie!! all comments must be posted below to qualify.  some lucky reader will win a little something courtesy of fitfoodiele by this FRIDAY, June 8th!!  ***

s/n: school’s OUT for all you educators!!!  let the summer vacations ensue:)


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  1. Hey Leah – I think you should name the smoothie Popeye’s Secret Weapon Smoothie… since it has spinach in it….


  2. It’s funny/sad b/c I get that question ALL the time at the grocery store. Eating healthy does not= diet…alas. I will def have to try that quinoa combination (yummy!). Namewise how about “Show me the green”…lol 🙂


    • exactly, Ada. the ratio of fresh, natural, whole foods should always be higher than the processed, sugar-filled stuff- not the other way around!! thanks for participating lol, that’s a good one too!


  3. Not to get all in your business–but what does your grocery bill look like. I’m convinced that portion control is a big factor in what you spend on groceries. You can eat healthy and cheaper–just eat less (the amount you should be eating). What do you think?


    • i don’t mind at all- our 2.5 memeber family spends about 250 a month on groceries, total. and you are certainly correct, Alysia- portion control is a HUGE, HUGE deal and definitely makes the difference in your spending and your # of trips to the store. not saying you have to get anal and buy a food scale or anything like that, but being super conscious of how you feel while eating (are you satisfied yet or still eating just cause it’s there?) can help you gradually change the amount of food you eat. heck, natural, whole foods are more filling than the processed stuff, especially when it comes to snacks! sugar can lead to even stronger sweet cravings which of course just makes you eat more than you planned. i should have made another post, haha! hope this helps though- email me directly if need be- i’m all ears!


  4. Your shopping cart looks pretty much like mine. The grocery store has become a favorite of mine. Who knew!? Oh and the name, Green Goddess perhaps?


    • isn’t the grocery store more like an experience, lol!? if i need one thing, i’ll go anywhere other than HEB so i won’t be tempted to overspend. that’s how easily they get me, smh. thx for participating, Amber!


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