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dinner and a

you thought i was gonna say movie, didn’t you.  nope, dinner and a WORKOUT!  that’s my kinda date.

 i usually run out in the hot sun on wednesdays cause i’m crazy.  i prefer running in the heat over the cold, any day.  for today’s workout, i selected 5k on my ipod.  be realistic with your workouts. especially if you’re just starting out or getting back into a workout groove. set the bar low, and exceed your goals  gradually.  i had every intention to go past 5k, and i did just that.  just a mind trick i like to play on myself sometimes.   set small goals for yourself and knock them out one at a time.

don’t let the 14:12 pace fool ya, i did intervals the entire way.  i sprinted hard for 15 seconds, then walked for 30.  repeat. give or take a couple seconds;)  the time always flies by because 1, well, my ipod is on, 2 switching up my speed keeps things ‘exciting’ ( no boring single-paced run ),  and 3, i run outside through my neighborhood and enjoy the scenery.   i stay off the treadmill as much as possible.  you should too.  anyway, the bulk of the 5k was intervals.  i then ran/walked home at a moderate pace for another 2k or so for a total of 7k for the evening.  dinner was cooking while i was away:

baked tilapia, roasted sweet potatoes, and lightly creamed spinach.

we’re keepin it light tonight- STILL working off memorial day wkend, hahaha. *blank stare*  i melted about 3 tbsp of good ol coconut oil and drizzled it over the tilapia fillets as well as my sliced raw sweet potatoes.  i  seasoned them both with tony c’s and some black pepper and threw them into the oven. 350 deg, 30 minutes, both done.  i microwaved and drained the spinach, then added just two light swiss laughing cow cheese wedges, and a little salt and pepper.

quick and to the point today! score!  off to bed i go- 5:30 am weight workout tomorrow.



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  1. I had the best creamed spinach this wknd in New Orleans…but I know it was full of fat lol! I’m going to try out this version. Thanks for the idea:)


    • LOL- im sure it was worth every bite though:) and yeah we went super duper light tonight- i usually add 3 wedges along with some half and half and even a little *gasp* butter. if you saute some onions and garlic first then add everything else to that pan it REALLY takes the flavor to a whole new level. no prob, Kristy!


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