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happy long weekend!

i hope your memorial day weekend was one to remember!  things have finally settled down over here and i’m getting a SUPER quick moment to post. my little one’s first birthday party was saturday and it was both a blast and a blur!  i’m so grateful for the friends and family that were able to come help us celebrate- working on that post right now:)  we headed to Austin the next day for my husband’s frat brother’s wedding. before we left, i checked the mail and found this:

it’s official! 

it’s gonna be a TKB-filled summer;)

 Austin is such a perfect road trip- not too far and just right.  i had some great company though!  It was our little one’s first road trip and his actual b-day; we just couldn’t leave him behind. he did great and slept most of the way, whew.  i’m so thankful for family in Austin- my aunt Cj is such a phenomenal host.  plus she ALWAYS, ALWAYS has great food ready for her guests lol!! this trip was no different- we were greeted for lunch with some cold crab ceviche.

it was filled with avocado chunks, fresh herbs, and plenty of crab! we shovled  scooped it up with some artesian black bean tortillas chips.

she was just getting started! the main dish was this spicy creole gumbo served over brown rice with a side of corn.  shrimp, deer sausage, okra, tomatoes….hearty but light and so darn GOOD.

i know, you love her already.fresh fruit salad…it goes with any meal. she added cherries to hers.

Sonny chowing down.

me too!

while we ate lunch, she was already making dinner. im the same way- i do as much prep work as possible so im not stuck in the kitchen all day and can actually enjoy my guests!  she made marinated, baked chicken thighs,

with cheesy, savory squash casserole.  we couldn’t wait to get back to devour it, SMH!

 we got dressed and headed to Jackie & Melanie’s gorgeous outdoor wedding.  i’m all for untraditional wedding venues- this one was absolutely beautiful and held at the perfect time- before the REAL Houston Summer heat shows up!  ever in Austin? take a stroll through the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

a gigantic CONGRATULATIONS to Jackie & Melanie!!!

  we had a fab time reconnecting and catching up with our old college buddies.  that makes us sound super old, omg.  here we are during cocktail hour just before the reception.  this here reception food…. it might very well be the best wedding plate i’ve ever eaten. homemade mac n cheese was on the menu and as we sat in anticipation for our table to be called to the buffet,  i kept reading it over and over again LOL. it had a crunchy, seasoned, breadcrumb-like topping that was simply divine when eaten with the creamy pasta.

  spinach salad with strawberries and candied pecans, seasonal roasted veggies, and herbed breast of chicken with a savory citrus shallot pan gravy. YES. i wish i could have gotten seconds and a to-go box. it was that good. everything was!

it’s all about detail- simply gorgeous.  the colors were so vibrant, even at night.

spectacular wedding for a spectacular couple- we wish you two MANY years of wedded bliss together! May God continue to bless your new union!

after 3 days of no working out whatsoever and eating everything in sight (just wait til these 1st birthday pics) i was in dire need of some physical activity, ASAP.   even on vaca, we get it in. i’m so sick of that phrase.taking silly pics didn’t make me feel better about tackling those 3 miles.

Sonny ran earlier, so he was a sweetheart and followed me by bike while i suffered on foot.

‘sweat.  destroying perms one workout at a time.’

 we finished up and walked back in the house to the smell of breakfast.

 scrambled egg & turkey bacon breakfast tacos w/ salsa, grits, and fresh fruit.

after some lounging, we eventually got ready to head home and said our goodbyes 😦  Sonny knows my visits to Austin are not complete unless we stop by *drumroll* Whole Foods!! Austin is home to the landmark store. i’d move here just for that reason!! but then i’d go broke and have to leave.

 if you’ve never been and experienced the massive overwhelmingness (i make up words a lot) of this store, well, enjoy these pics!  if you have been, then you completely understand my urge to buy one of everything.

produce department. Sonny purposely asked me a question so my mouth would be open during the shot.  why?  after almost 5 years of marriage, it doesn’t even matter anymore *crickets*

doing what he does best…wait on me, haha

these little ‘stations’ filled with people sitting, chatting, and eating were all over the store.  prolly one in almost every department now that i think about it.

so cool to LOOK at!! random shapes and multiple kinds of chocolate.


just one of a handful of salad bars.

Sonny @ one of the many hot bars… every which way you turn is something different!! i saw several poor souls walking in circles.checking out- we just grabbed something quick for lunch and hopped  back on the road.

next time, we’ll have a seat and hang out.shot of the entrance from the underground parking garage.

eating while driving: Sonny’s pulled pork, baked chicken, rice, and ground turkey concoction.

sushi for me- brown rice, shrimp, avocado, cucumber with plenty of lemon juice and soy sauce.

until next time, Austin! so, that’s what we did for Memorial Day wkend- how did you celebrate?


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