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less talking more doing


i promise you i need it too.  this helps:

motivational pictures and quotes. looking at pics of fit, hot bodies does the trick every time! *closes the pb filled pretzel bag again* it snaps my focus right back where it needs to be.

Pinterest has TONS of them, like this one:

  print out the quotes or write them on sticky notes and place them everywhere- the car, your computer screen, the fridge…. i used to think that was the dumbest thing ever and a complete waste of time.  truth be told, it’s an outta sight outta mind thing for me and it does help, tremendously.

  do both though, quotes and pictures!  browse fitness mags, (FitnessRx, Oxygen) or you could always just google.

doing this right before you hit the gym helps too lol.  puts some stank on your workout.

  • keeping up with my expanding family.  i now see what other moms mean about once your kid becomes mobile, how it’s suddenly ‘all over’. exhibit A- this post should have been out HOURS ago!!  wouldn’t trade it for the world, but there is never a dull moment in this house, especially since my LO is now walking!  ultimately, i don’t just want to watch my kids participate in sports, races, horseplay, etc., i want to be right in the middle of the action with them.

  • that after-workout feeling.   if i’m extreeeeeemly exhausted or so sore it hurts to move, i will easily skip the gym and guilt won’t dare cross my mind whatsoever.  any other time though, it haunts me until the next time i workout! that sense of accomplishment..the sweat stains, that high heart rate, remaining disciplined and staying on track with my workouts… i love and desire it all.  this feeling solidifies why i make health and fitness a priority every time.

  • seeing progress.  one of my top reasons.  however, to see it, that means you need to document what you’re doing some sort of way, right?  keeping a food journal holds you accountable for what you put in your mouth.  also i LOVE and appreciate these apps (EXAMPLES galore) that let you look up fast food / restaurant nutrition right in the palm of your hand before you walk in and get mesmerized and bamboozled by that smell.  wish i had thought of it first!  by now we should all know that your diet is extremely important.  take pics.  sometimes an unflattering picture of yourself can serve as major wake up call.  now there’s a pic you can slap on the fridge! right on the handle, lol.  keep track visually of  just how far you’ve come towards reaching your goal.

 2 months post-partum!  i took this right after teaching my first class back at Lifetime.lots of work to do.

getting there…

still going!

  • ME time. my gym time = my therapy. especially when i’m out running.  sometimes my thoughts consume me and i don’t even hear the music.  i think about everything that’s going on in my life. problems, issues, good and bad. i talk to God, even solve a few of those problems, and get inspiration for my next blog post.  invest time in yourself.
  • having fun.  i’ve read that bajillions of times. i mean i agree- your workouts should be challenging, but you should still generally enjoy it. seriously.  and hello, you have plenty of choices anyway! don’t wanna cycle that day? fine, go take kickboxing then. whatever makes you happy, do it. long as you do SOMETHING.
  • reading other health and fitness blogs / success stories.  reading about some of the struggles others go through is a big help- just confirms that we are all human.  observing their progress gives me a comforting sense of ‘ if they can do it, so can i’.

 see, jillian micheals hasn’t always been hot.

i don’t know these people but you can’t tell me you aren’t inspired!!

  • don’t expect perfection.  unless you are training for some type of competition (figure, bodybuilding) and are on a super strict diet for a period of time, toss the guilt out the window, indulge in moderation, and keep it moving.
  • brooke burke – forty years old with four kids.

well, just look @ her!!!!


i had another Lifetime training this past weekend.  going to church with my family is something i look forward to every sunday so i was super bummed i wasn’t able to attend.  the training was mandatory and is held every two years, sooo i had to suck it up and get it done.  for the first time in a long while, i got up early and took a 3 mile run!  that’s totally cause i knew i wouldn’t be doing a darn thing after the training.  so, i got it out of the way for the day.

good thing Abrea was the trainer!!! remember her?

i had a yoga ball AND a mat and kept switching positions like every 5 min!! i really need to stretch more.  numb is a pretty uncomfortable feeling anywhere on your body smh.

these trainings always leave me feeling refreshed, crazy motivated, and ready to go teach the best class ever- as they should!  this one was only half a day thank God, but you know i brought my lunch regardless.  btw, for b-fast i had my egg whites w/ cheese and salsa, my oatmeal, and a hot green tea sweetened with splenda. shockerrrrrr

 when we broke for lunch i whipped out my gigantic lunch kit.

ranch salmon- i can eat this cold or hot, just like pizza.  i also had some carrots that were previously consumed.

snack: fresh blueberries, 1% cottage cheese w/ a few almonds, and another hot green tea sweetened with splenda.

a little preparation goes a long way.

until next time, Abrea!

what stops you from passing up the gym and just going straight home?


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  1. I always read your blog and get a lot of tips on the healthy eating and the different things on here. I decided to leave a comment just to say thanks for the tips and motivation, continue to be an inspiration and source of encourage to the people who read your blog.


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