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happy days

happy mothers’ day!  this one was my very first.

what’s better than Nike Free Run 2s?

 well, Nike Free Run 3s!!

 in loud obnoxious colors at that!  one of my MD gifts from Sonny.  i went to bed before him around 1130 saturday night. i cut the light off, got in the bed, and went to sleep.  at midnight, Sonny burst into the room and turned the light on- he knows this is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves, omg.  i looked at him crazy and followed him with my eyes as he walked to his side of the bed and pulled the covers back to reveal the shoes.  i could do nothing but laugh hysterically.  lucky for him.

sunday we hit up Fogo De Chao for  an early dinner after church (which we will never, ever do again on a ‘holiday’…ever. in life.) to celebrate with my parents.  it was also my brother Matt’s birthday!

 double whammy!

  who got a 5 mile run in preparation for this dinner? *raises hand*. if you’ve never been to fogo, it’s a reeeeeally nice all you can eat Brazilian MEAThouse.  there is only one in Houston hence why we won’t be visiting on a nationally recognized special day again!!  had reservations for 3, but didn’t get seated until about 3:45. but what can ya do… anyway,  their gourmet salad bar is out of this world- the best one i’ve ever took a spin around.  is it worth the almost 50 bucks per plate? prolly!  i must say that i have done fogo a HUGE disservice with these cell phone pics though- i’m so ashamed.  we left the cam in the car and nobody wanted to go get it lol.  anyway, go experience fogo for yourself. please.

this is my plate after hitting the salad bar- i tried my best to keep it as healthy as possible. asparagus spears, sliced tomatoes, grilled mushroom caps, fresh mozzarella balls, beets, red and yellow bell peppers, and some parmigiano reggiano.  at the top of my plate is polenta and fried plantains- my little guy loved those since he eats bananas all day every day.  anyway the gaucho chefs walk around with skewers of all types of different cuts and kinds of meat and offer you CONTINUOUS tableside service.  very dangerous, i know.  i think that’s a lamb chop on my plate, but my fave is the bacon wrapped chicken breasts. i think i ate like 17.

this was my dad’s dessert:

classic brownie and ice cream.  He and Sonny always play it safe in that area.

so when we got home, (after a fro-yo stop) instead of napping i got our lunches/dinner ready for the next few days.  hey, if you don’t do it, it won’t get done now will it?

yall know i love my throw-everything-in meals… they are just so easy.

this time i used 99% lean ground turkey, fibergourmet rigatoni pasta, onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes, oven-roasted squash, mushrooms, and cilantro.  i seasoned it with a little tony c’s and my ranch dressing mix.  this always lasts us 2-3 days.  this time, i went sauce-less.

oh and i roasted some yellow onions and butternut squash (seasoned with tony c’s) in the oven for about 30 min on 400 deg.

while the veggies were hot, i threw them in the blender and added some no-fat half and half, chicken broth, pepper, and that’s it!  my little one liked it too. score.  roasting the veggies first gives your soup sooo much flavor- don’t skip that step.

anyway, speaking of my little one, i’ve been preparing for his 1st birthday party and it’s almost that time. i ordered a crap load of stuff online that is en route as i type.  heading to check the mailbox again NOW!


 p.s. questions? comments? just saying hey? EMAIL MEEEEEEEEE!!!! ————>

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