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conn’s green 10k {city centre}

i went to pick up my race packet friday during lunch at Sun and Ski Sports.

    awesome bib number, huh!  sure wish i coulda grabbed the entire stack of My Fit Food coupons. MFF also had a little booth there and were scooping out bowls of brown rice, ground turkey, and asparagus.

i have a hard time passing up free food.  so what if i had just eaten. i’d definitely make this at home though-  healthy, easy-peasy.

so, i know i told ya my buddy Kara would be running with me, but she told me she’d rather study for some silly law finals instead. the nerve of her. bless her heart-  she’s almost done, for good!  good luck, Kara;) i just replaced her with her boyfriend, my bro-in-law, Brian.  he took my first ever finisher video:

thanks a TON, brother!

 the weather was a bit humid, but the sun was still out most of the time.  great crowd.

afterwards, people were clamoring under one of the tents to see their race results.  i have always been cool with waiting to get the results email lol. no big deal.

i think i finished around 54 minutes though. i actually coordinated my run with my ipod this time using that Nike+ thing. just wanted to see how accurate it was, and it was spot on.

anyway,  look who i ran into- remember her??  hey Krystal!

she blazed that 10k in record time and looked so cute doing it!  check out her running group, here.  our boys are a few weeks apart and they will both be turning one shortly!

before we headed out, we checked out the vendors and got some samples.

lots of fluids and fruit this time.

that was cute but i needed FOOD! we headed to brunch at the Egg & I. it was my first time there.

i won’t bore you with the veggie egg white omelet w/ cheese & breakfast potatoes i had. enjoy this instead:

waffles and french toast.  hey- i couldn’t think of a better time to devour all this yumminess.

update:  as of sunday, turbo kick training is COMPLETE.  thank God.

 i’ll get my results shortly and you know i’ll keep ya posted on how i did. looooooooong day, but time well spent.

nothing irks me more than suddenly having to ‘go’ smack in the middle of running my race!!!!  gaaaaaaaaah, it’s like the worst feeling ever and you really can’t do a THING about it at the time (well, you could, but then you’d kill that personal best record you were about to set).

what are your race/running pet peeves!? (before, during or after)


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