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winner winner chicken dinner

who loves instagram?! *raises hand* i mean just look at what i have concocted in a matter of minutes:

my husband traded my EVO in for an iPhone4s- just one of my many birthday gifts from him:) but i’ll get to that post next, can’t wait to share.  anyway, this was dinner tonight- grilled ranch chicken breasts, brown rice and black-eyed peas topped with homemade mango salsa.

if you don’t have a grill pan, listen to me- it is SO worth the investment.  i got mine from wally world (walmart) for 17 bucks.

when grilling with this thing, you gotta make sure the fire is high and the pan is HOT.   i turned it on and let it warm up a bit before throwing my marinated chicken breasts in.

you know it- hidden valley ranch dry dressing mix..i love this stuff.

throw them in and listen to that sizzle!

i did about 8-10 min on each side.  look @ those grill marks. i like grill marks.

if you are unsure whether it’s cooked through, take a knife and just make a small incision in the center. no pink allowed.

 Sonny’s plate.. he eats his sides separately.

i grabbed my plate/bowl  and threw everything together. i like a big bite of everything at once.

this will be our lunch for tomorrow, naturally.

i never told you guys about my Easter brunch! this was our menu: salmon fritatta

ranch new potatoes, mini maple-pecan monkey bread, and fresh fruit.

my guys and i then traveled over to my aunt Annette’s house for my little one’s first Easter egg hunt! she always makes GREAT food, so i made sure to bring my camera. if only i had used it more though-   i was too busy eating and making my to-go plates to take pictures!!  i will so be making some of these appetizers for sure. this was only a super small portion of everything she had.

this one was full of flavor- tart and sweet.  gorgonzola bites with candied walnuts:

i believe i ate like 7, no kidding.  crostini bread, slice of pear, slice of gorgonzola, then topped with a candied walnut and broiled in the oven for a few minutes. you must eat each element in one bite to get the full effect! next (and unfortunately last- booooo, i know), salmon crostini.  will have to get the recipe from her, but they tasted fab. fitfoodiele approved!

what special/traditional dishes did you make for Easter? 


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