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that’s my stomach rumbling!!!!

super hungry after this morning’s workout.  i had a filling, oatmeal protein shake for b-fast with my egg whites. recipe? but of course:

van-ban oat shake

the stuff:

  • 1 frozen banana

keep some handy in your freezer

  • 1 tsp sugar-free chocolate pudding (for flavor and texture, don’t really need it if ya don’t want it)

  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup oats – you might want to soak them for a few minutes in the almond milk if tasting some of the oat bits (kinda like pulp in orange juice) bothers you.  i liked the texture of my smoothie just fine though. (just boosting my blender’s self-esteem)

  • 1 cup almond milk

new flavor, haaaaay! coconut, yum. or the unsweetened vanilla will do just fine.

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

  • 4-5 ice cubes

do this:



got it? were you really paying attention?  the blender was empty by the way, tee hee.

anyway, that went well with my egg whites, cheese, and salsa. and yes, that’s a cool whip tub. i have so many of them i’ve started to use them for tupperware. O_0


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  1. You are changing my food life!!! lol! This was AWESOME! I would NEVER EVER in my wildest dreams have thought to put oats in a smoothie! I don’t do whey protein (maybe I’ll start) so I put a tbsp of PB2 and a splash of coconut extract (will try vanilla next). It was divine! All 285ish calories of it! Definitely will become a staple breakfast/dessert for me! It was soooo good! I also have white chocolate jello. Will also try that sometime!

    Working towards healthier eating one Leah recipe at a time! lol.

    When’s the book coming back up? Been waiting for it to come back up!


    • Yewande! you made my night, girl! thanks for your message:) i am so glad you are trying new things and that you are liking my lil ol’ recipes. music to my ears, lady. the book is so close to being finished it’s not even funny! just waiting on THE very last of the edits and we can get crackin’ again. thank you for being so patient and thank you SINCERELY for your support!


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