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Bayou City Classic 10K 2012

light energy snack on the way to the race in the car- pistachiooooos.

*flashback* this is my awesome friend Krystal and i with our baby bumps exactly one year ago at the Bayou City Classic 10K 2011!  we were both expecting boys and finally met them about two months later.

 i couldn’t tell ya what our time was cause we talked about baby stuff the whole way and didn’t even pay attention. great times.

this year,

it rained the entire time!!!

i threw my shoes into the washing machine along with my soaked clothes afterwards- the rain did not let up. steady drizzle from start to finish.

making my way through the rainy downtown streets to the start line.

first time for everything!  put a towel over my head, secured it with my visor, turned on my ipod, and just ran.  i finished around 54 minutes.  this race had THE best post race food yet- breakfast tacos, chicken breast / fresh fruit bowls, and protein bars galore.

i even saw made-to-order toastadas!! i didn’t get one though cause i already had waaaay too much crap in my hands.

they upgraded from regular cotton t-shirts to the jersey/mesh-like material this year.

i cleaned up, huh!

i saw spindletop (one of our anniversary dinner spots) in the distance and took one last shot before heading home.

my first and only niece is having her 1st birthday party today!  i sped home and got ready for the festivities.  i kept my hair wrapped and pinned underneath that towel during my run.  even though it was completely soaked through, my hair didn’t look half bad after i let it air dry.  which is great cause i sure didn’t feel like flat ironing it.

my sis-in-law and i at her daughter’s party:)

i will be well prepared for a day full of screaming kiddos as my son’s 1st b-day approaches, whew.  i sure could use that extra hour of sleep we are losing tonight!!


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  1. After running track I think I’ve had my share of running in the rain BUT I’m sure it’s a lost more fun and less pressure choosing to run a road race in the rain lol. Looks like you had a blast, I’m looking forward to my first 10k of the year next month. Oh yeah, I’m glad me and Max ( in utero) made the sight!! Keep up the great work, I’m passing on the site to ppl especially when I’m asked nutrition questions.


  2. You look great. I admire your dedication to eating right and exercising. I get discouraged especially since my weight fluctuates a lot. I definitely need to stop the excuses, lol! Thank you Le.


    • thank you tons, Vanessa. be encouraged- i can relate because it’s terribly tough to change your lifestyle habits when you’ve been living them a certain way for soooo long. it’s a true process.. a slow and steady one. and nope, excuses don’t help, lol! stay positive though and continuously remind yourself that you CAN do this, Vanessa.


  3. Hey sis I need some advice…I was wondering if you knew of any healthier oil options (besides Crisco oil…lol) I can use to simmer food with on the stove top. I know I could use E.V.O.O. but it finishes so quickly because the bottles are just too small. Do they sell bigger bottles of it? Is there anything else I can use to simmer food.


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