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only the best, ever.

ooooh if only i could only post every day!! life would be grand.  but no, my little one is not having that.  aaaand as luck would have it, my HP laptop quit on me. makes it that much more difficult to keep up with this thing.  however, i’m committed and i’m gonna keep on trucking. this concludes my pity party.

breakfast was my usual bowl of oats and egg white omelette with cheese.  i had an oval apple for my mid morning snack- yeah it didn’t look like an apple to me either. Central Market was sampling them this past weekend and they tasted like a mixture of apple and pear to me! so, i got a pair.

i also got some fresh whole wheat tortillas while there.  I threw some skinless chicken breasts and ranch dressing mix into my crock pot last night, so this morning we woke up to our lunch all ready to go.  gotta love that thing. today’s lunch- a whole wheat, ranch chicken wrap!

i added about a tablespoon of mashed avocado, some cilantro, half a tomato, and half of a laughing cow cheese wheel. nope, no lettuce:(

we’ll be eating the rest of that chicken for dinner tonight for sure. i’ll have to come up with a creative way to serve it and get back to ya.

 one more thing about CM,  i MUST tell you about this popcorn Sonny and i were introduced to on V-day last month during the chocolate festival.  it’s only the best i’ve ever had, no big deal.  i was already hooked on Popcorn, Indiana’s kettle corn, but  now….oh but now.  i went to CM that very same weekend just to get some more bags… only there was not a bag in sight. the shelf was completely cleared out. i was so bummed, but i completely understood.  sooooo when i stopped by CM this past weekend for lunch with my mom, you know i checked for it again. and hello, it was on sale- 2 bags for 4 bucks!!!!! i got two and so did my mom.

ignore the ash on my hand and focus on the chocolate chips on that kernel!! seriously good.

this drizzled chocolate popcorn is definitely an indulgent snack.  i mean it even says it on the bag:)

hope you have a fab monday and an even better week!!

 what’s one of your favorite indulgent snacks?


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