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get like me- i’m clump free!!

am i late??? i specifically didn’t google this before posting so i wouldn’t burst my own bubble.  i made some angel hair pasta night before last.  after draining the noodles and putting them back on the stove (still in the colander and inside the pot) i wondered what the heck else i could put on them so they wouldn’t eventually clump together into one big mass by the end of our meal.

  • sure i could run water on them, but that’ll wear off and they’ll stick again…eventually.
  • sure olive oil enhances the flavor and lubes them up, but noodles are already calorie and carb loaded enough.  why add fat into the mix? remember that olive oil is 120 cals and 14 grams of fat (3 saturated) per ONE table-spoon.


spray some no-stick cooking spray on them.  the butter flavor doesn’t hurt, either.  it felt like i was in a hair salon for a sec, but it worked SO well. 2-3 short sprays was all it took, and i only had to apply it once.

they had a pretty, shiny gloss to them.  now don’t spray so much that your sauce doesn’t stick to your noodles! if that even matters to you.

thought i would just throw that out there. you didn’t know this already, stop it!


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  1. Lol!!! I always just put butter in the water while they’re boiling.. is that super fattening? Also.. since you teach fitness, have you tried doing a mom/child workout?? I haven’t worked out since last JULY bc D outgrew his jogging stroller and I refuse to pay for a gym membership… what’s high impact, or at least calorie-burning and fun that I could include him in? I don’t want him to feel left out.


    • lol, AV! well, 1 tbl spoon of real butter is 100 cals…i wont ask you how much you use though, hahaha;) i haven’t tried the mom/child workout but that is an awesome idea. first thing that came to my mind is jump rope! buy one for you and one for him. jumping rope can definitely be a high impact workout- i’m STILL trying to perfect my ‘double-unders’- those thangs are hard and really work! anyway, i’m working on some videos right now so i can hurry up and get to the posts people have been waiting on- fitness!! they are coming though!


  2. Awesome I can’t wait to see em! I was gonna try Body Gospel I just haven’t gotten around to buy it lol. And yeah on the butter.. let’s just say I probably need to chill out hahahaha! : ) Thanks for the jump rope idea though he’ll love that, it definitely beats us competing on the Wii!


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