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healthy snack: hummus

a healthy, cheap snack i love to pack.  carrots and hummus dip.

i buy both in bulk to save money and to stretch our snacks.  Sonny eats carrots as much as i do and we were running out of the smaller 1lb 1.50 packs way too fast.  this big 3lb. bag is just around 3 dollars and some change at Sams.  the Sabra brand is awesome- creamy and flavorful.  they have a huge variety of hummus flavors too like roasted red pepper and  spinach & artichoke.

why buy this size for 3 bucks, when i can get the big tub for just 5?  head to your nearest warehouse club  and get two.

1 serving (2 tbl spoons) of Sabra hummus:

cals: 80

fat: 7g

carbs: 3g

protein:  2g

don’t you despise reading nutrition labels and seeing a serving size in ounces?  how much is 3 ounces of carrots!? i don’t own a food scale, but after some googling, 3 oz. is about 8-10 baby carrots @ 35 cals per serving.  raw veggies are super low in calories and super good for you- so grab a big handful to dip in your hummus for around 150 calories.

what else can you dip in hummus? after ordering some hummus from Niko Nikos  (they were featured on Triple D!!) for the first time a while back, they introduced me to a variety of veggies.  theirs comes with crispy green bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and warm, fluffy pita bread.  celery and carrots sticks are affordable and easy to pack.


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  1. i love, love love baby carrots but hummus i have never tried but have always wanted too? I will just have to give it a shot since it can be paired with carrots i usually just use a dab dab of thousand island salad dressing bad! bad! Bad!


  2. Thank you for this recommendation, Leah! It’s been a long time since I’ve had hummus and I’m sure the lonely baby carrots in my fridge will apreciate some company;)


  3. Hi Leah,

    I love eating the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, which I have in my fridge at this moment. I have been eating them with my Reduced Fat Triscuit for awhile, I will have to try it with the baby carrots now. I love reading your blogs and taking notes on what I would like to cook next. My next meal this weekend is going to be a Revamped Tofu dish adding Ground Turkey and Bean Sprouts. I kind of sorta call it Tofu-Ground Turkey Cake since I love eating the ones from the Asian Market but those are too greasy, I am going to bake mine. I will keep you posted on how it turned out.


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